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Band: The Bad Flowers

Title: Starting Gun

Label: Independent Release

Ever since the release of the debut EP in 2016, The Bad Flowers have been pitched as the band to watch.  Now in 2018 see the fruit of the bands labours, with many gigs under their belts they have honed that hardest of bands dreams, to find their own sound.

With the aptly titled 'Starting Gun', the Midland's Tom Leighton, Dale Tonks and Karl Selickis release a debut album that is sure to kick the band into hearts and minds of many a Classic Rock fan.

The album kicks off with the single ‘Thunder Child’, a slam dunk riff laden rocker that really sets out what The Bad Flowers are all about.  Big rhythms, huge choruses and a sound that will etch itself on the listeners consciousness from the word go.

That same no nonsense approach to Hard Rock continues with ‘Lions Blood’, driven by a massive rhythm section and a great lick.  This is a pure bred rock n' roll classic in style, but modern in attitude.

After the heads down rockers the band slow things down just a touch with the down tuned guitar almost bluesy ‘Secrets’, before the tempo is brought back up with the angsty feel of ‘Rich Man’.

The band really shows off their penchant for the mellower side of things with ballad ‘I Hope’.  This is just guitar and vocals, a real touch of class and a great side step from the previous all out rockers.

The mellower side of things is continued this time with just a touch more grit with ‘Let’s Misbehave’, this time it's the drums of Selickis that are the back bone of this song.  Whoever says drums can’t be soulful, well this song sure shoots that theory out of the water.

It's back to the hard rocking with the groove filled bluesy rocker ‘Who Needs a Soul’, which has a familiarity to it that I just can't put my finger on, maybe it’s just one of those songs that you feel is an old friend because it has that classic feel you grew up with.

The tempo is really brought to town with the storming ‘Be Your Man’, which is where Leighton really unleashes some monster vocals, before the heavier side of the band comes to fore with ‘Hurricane’.  The album closes out in style with two meat and bones rockers, first up ‘I Don’t Believe It’, before rounding things off with a bang with ‘City Lights’.  Start to end this is a great debut.  Given the right breaks, this band has a great future ahead of them and with the rock n' roll revival in full flow, 2018 will be the year The Bad Flowers start making real waves for sure.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Thunder Child
2.  Lions Blood
3.  Secrets
4.  Rich Man
5.  i Hope
6.  Let's Misbehave
7. Who Needs A Soul
8.  Be Your Man
9.  Hurricane
10. I Don't Believe It
11. City Lights


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