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Band: The Soul Exchange

Title: Edge Of Sanity

Label: Pride & Joy Music


The Soul Exchange are a Swedish Melodic / Hard Rock that originally started out as the solo project of Hans von Bell, but things soon grew into a full blow band and with the release of the debut 'Bloodbound', The Soul Exchange was born.

Now in 2018 the Daniel John (vocals & keyboards), Hans von Bell (guitars), Thomas von Bell (guitars), Patrik Ekelöf (bass) and Benny White (drums), return with their new opus ‘Edge of Sanity’.

The band have taken the classic 70’s hard rock vibe and mixed it in with true Scandinavian panache a made it their very own.

The album has a darker refrain that most but this doesn’t detract for the sheer splendour of this sophomore release.

The album gets under way with ‘Stealing My Mind’, a big hitting opener that is a dark as it is melodic in Daniel’s vocals you feel a certain soulfulness that is the perfect foil for this mood driven style of rock.

The album continues it dark edge with ‘My Reflection’, again Daniel’s vocals are the light shining out of the darkness, and his soulful reprise carries on into the ‘No Forgiveness’.  Things take a heavier turn with ‘Master’ and almost step into the melodic rock with ‘Right Here’, before heading deep into the dark abyss once more with ‘The Passing’

There is some light amongst the dark with the excellent ‘Quest for Life’, which is very Evergrey in it feel it, more upbeat tempo really makes this out stand out from the crowd.

The ballad ‘End of the Road’ is another track with a dark vein running through it, but you can’t be drawn away from those soulful tones of Daniel.

That Evergrey vibe is back with a vengeance with ‘Mountain’, before the album closes with complete change of tone with ‘the bonus track ‘Try’.  All in all a much more complete album than their debut. Yes it is dark, but life isn’t a clean cut, feel good event.  You have to embrace the darkside once and a while.  You have to remember insanity and evil in various forms do raise their ugly heads from time to time, and The Soul Exchange take this as inspiration for what is a really solid album, that might take a few listens, but is well worth the effort.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Stealing My Mind
2.  Quest For Life
3.  No Forgiveness
4.  Master
5.  Right Here
6.  End Of The Road
7.  The Passing
8.  My Reflection
9.  Mountain
10. Try


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