Album Reviews
Band: The Treatment

Title: Power Crazy

Label: Frontiers Music Srl


So here we have album number four, "POWER CRAZY" from The Treatment  and the first with new vocalist Tom Rampton.  The boys have come up with a solid rock album, with influences ranging from AC/DC, Airbourne, Nazareth  and Buckcherry.  Great vocals with a  down and dirty sound and I'm sure the songs will sound immense live.

First track "Letís Get Dirty" has a great driving riff and chorus. Ramptonís vocal has a Buckcherry/Airbourne feel and you could be forgiven for thinking that the opener is.

"Rising Power" is another fast paced rocker, some hard rock blues  with a punky edge.

Then along comes "On The Money", a head nodding, chugging along tune with a blues feel. Once again Rampton's vocals are a joy on here.

The first track to be released from the album "Bite Back", it has an eerily early AC/DC vibe to it, bringing back memories of when I first  saw Bon Scott. I can imagine this being a live favourite amongst fans.

We're then onto the slower more bluesier feel of "Luck Of The Draw", some great wailing guitars on this one.

Next up is the high energy riffing of "Hang 'Em High", a storming track that shows The Treatment deliver rock n' roll as it should be even in an X-Factor generation.

"Scar With Her Name" and "King Of The City, great songs, great vocals with a punk, hard rock, 80's metal vibe, solid, high energy tunes.

Then we have the swaggering, slow blues of "Waiting For The Call" before kicking up the energy with "Laying It Down", a hard rock tune with a great groove.

When I saw the title of the next song "The Fighting Song", it immediately made me think  of Thin Lizzy/AC/DC, and there's definitely an AC/DC/Airbourne feel to this hard rocking tune.

Last track on the CD is "Falling Down", a catchy hard rocker that will have you nodding ya head and singing along.

If there were any justice this band would be BIG, but we know how fickle the music business is these days. From first listen you're gonna love this album. It's got it all, great songs, strong melodies, big riffs and a great debut vocal performance from Tom Rampton.

Review by: Dave Brass



1.  Let's Get Dirty
2.  Rising Power
3.  On The Money
4.  Bite Back
5.  Luck Of The Draw
6.  Hang Them High
7. Scar With Her Name
8.  King Of The City
9.  Waiting For The Call
10.  Laying It Down 
11. The Fighting Song 
12. Falling Down


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