Album Reviews
Band: Thundermother

Title: Heatwave

Label: AFM Records


Vintage hard rock vibes dominate Thundermother's fourth full length outing 'Heatwave'. Banging out bluesy riffs from the get go, the Swedish four piece waste no time rocking out to the likes of 'Loud and Alive' and 'Purple Sky'.  

Deep Purple snapshots rattle through 'Into the Mud' and 'Driving in Style', while AC/DC overtones linger  on the title track 'Heatwave' and 'Free Ourselves'.  Further flashing their influences dashes of Joan Jett and ZZ Tops are thrown into the mix. 

It's not all plain sailing though as numbers such as 'Dogs from Hell' and 'Bad Habits' are somewhat lack-lustre and quite frankly boring. 

All in all, 'Heatwave' is an unashamed throwback record but falls well short of a true rock n' roll revival.   

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Loud and Alive
2.  Dogs from Hell
3.  Back in '76
4.  Into the Mud
5.  Heatwave
6.  Sleep
7.  Driving in Style
8.  Free Ourselves
9.  Mexico
10. Purple Sky   
11. Ghosts 
12. Somebody to love Me 
13. Bad Habits


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