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Band: Tragik

Title: The Power Of Suggestion

Label: PvM Records


Apart from his solo career, Phil Vincent is also involved with ... oh ... 4 or 5 other projects within Rock music, and Tragik is one of those that seriously need checking out, judging by this canny album they've come out with. There's a diverse mix of Rock styles here, from the Hard Classic to ... dare I say Dance-orientated, but don't let that put ya off, it's all good stuff here, 'Victim' kicking off proceedings on a wing of a snazzy cymbal'd/gritty riff combo that punches in and carries on throughout the song, those (by now) very familiar vocals from Phil fitting in smashing, followed by the harder-edged 'All I Have Is You', teetering on into Y&T territory with the powerful drumbeat at the heart of the track and nice touches of harmonies to soften the chorus a bit. 

The keys play a major part in 'Crazy', hinting at the poppy end of the spectrum in their use, so it's up to the smashing solo to keep the song focused on the Rock side, as the lightweight riff does on the piano-led 'Learning To Live', which has a feel of it could be used in a Rock version of 'Fame' if there was such a thing possible! It has that sorta t.v. appeal about it, and I mean that in a good way Phil, honest!!


Back to the meat 'n potatoes then as 'Already Gone' chuggs away like an old 80's classic Rocker, heads-down, legs astride, low-slung guitar ripping out the riffage, the rhythm section working in perfect tandem without the posturing, and the vocalist striding round as he delivers the song, well, that's what I see in my mind's eye as the song is playing, then it's back to 'Rock Fame' with bounce-along, jump-about poptastic 'Over You', Cheap Trick meets Racey for those of a certain age (over 48 would be helpful!!), sounds ... 'WTF??', but believe me, it's a good song, will put a smile on your face!  

'Goodbye' reminds me of Gay Dad (90's band!), the spacey keys over some fizzing guitar work, done just that bit more rough 'n ready, then those keys take on a Gary Numan life of their own during 'Through It All', synth heavy and punky attitude guitars, as said artist used on the Tubeway Army debut album, which shows how diverse this band can be when they want, which ain't a bad thing when they produce a track as good as this...brings back a memory or two!


'Told You So' picks up the tempo once more as it heads down 90's lighter side of Hair Metal/Rock, it's simple but effective drum and guitar pattern a must for the early Poison's of the times, then with a quick cut n thrust in comes 'Long Time', the snarling riff on the intro from Vince O' Regan setting out the stall for what is the meanest, heaviest track on the album, Phil having more attitude than 'yeah, but no ,but yeah' from 'Little Britain', and Dirk Phillips' drums pounding away like a demon is playing them. something that Alter Bridge would be quite at home with if it was one of theirs. 

The final track is simply ... marvelous! Beginning with a Queen-alike harmony, a single piano glides in followed by gentle vocals, and as you wonder where this is going ... OMG ... the hairs on the back of your neck get hit like you've had a sudden shot of Viagra as the song bursts into a blues/rock ballad of epic proportion, soaring solos a la Bonamassa meets May, atmospheric keys, stunning drumbeat, heart on the sleeve vocals, the whole song could be done by both camps on their own albums such is the extent of the vibes within the song, all that's missing is the kitchen sink, it's an epic track, man! 

Phil, you and the lads have really excelled here, pal, this is what I would say is an emotional classic, it got me welling up sitting listening to it! Ladies and Gentlemen, Tragik give you 'Her'. Enjoy!!


'The Power Of Suggestion' may not be to everyone's taste, with the slightly off-kilter track or two not exactly rockier enough for them, but what the Hell, you can't please everyone, right? Thing is, when you get a song such as 'Her' on an album, then for me, you're onto a winner whatever. Bugger it, I'm putting it on again. Absolute class!

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  Victim
2.  All I Have
3.  Crazy
4.  Learning To Live
5.  Already Gone
6.  Over You
7.  Goodbye
8.  Through It All
9.  Told You So
10.  Long Time
11. Her


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