Album Reviews
Band: Tragik

Title: Faith Healer

Label: PV Music


Never one to rest on his laurels, Phil Vincent ,along with his pals Damian D'Ercole and Dirk Phillips have set about conjuring up another piece of Hard Rock magic on this soon-ish to be released album 'Faith Healer', and it's another Godsend to us Rock fans out here who are, along with the rest of this planet of ours, still dealing with the daily bullshit that is Covid 19.  So as the growl of '1,2 , 3, 4' and an explosive riff erupts from the speakers, 'Back On The Road' roars into life and it's almost 'business as usual' in Rockworld!  

'Coming Home' is filled with layers of fantastic twin-styled solos that are reminiscent of the melodic side to Velvet Revolver, yet keeping up on the Aberdeen Angus side of beefiness at the same time, the drumming battering your skull into submission all the way through, which for me is the stand-out section of the track ... great man!

Not resting up for one moment, 'Do It Again, tramples all over your body in a flurry of 'take that, a-hole' attitude, again those drums being played as if the ghost of Keith Moon had suddenly appeared and sat at the kit claiming 'my turn', and begins to belt the living daylights out of it, accompanied by touches of Hammond-esque keys for great effect.  There's an 80's vibe surrounding 'Don't Know What To Believe', the keys/fluid, throbbing bass-line/snappy kit combo just screams out happier times.  Phil's vocals are less gnarly here, in fact the song as a whole is almost 'radio friendly', and there's an 80's term if ever there was one.  But 'Faith' puts an end to that as it storms out of the trap on a wave of ripping riffage and Phil V's gritty vocal style that is, for me, his usual trademark, the expectant solo tearing a new ... well, it's there for us all to enjoy!

'Hanging By A String' swings between Hard/Melodic Rock, depending when the keys dive in, but the highlight here is the solo that hits you like Thor's hammer mid way in, and it's a case of 'bleedin' hell ... where did THAT come from?' ... Once you get over the shock, you realise just how good this track is, but don't get too placid in thought, as 'Out Of Touch' will jarp you straight out of it on a crescendo of six-stringed dazzlery and Animal-like tub-thumpery!! It's down to some serious business as 'Over & Over' lays down it's sleazy, sweaty groove that will get even the most naive of us out there thrusting their pelvis like a dog humping fresh air, yeah, it's that 'dorty', as Sid The Sexist would've said if he got to hear this ... cold shower, please!

If there had ever been a song to be written based 'round a weird film that was part Westworld - part 'Confessions Of A Computer Programmer', then Tragik have come up (!!) trumps with 'Robot Love', a hard-nosed Rocker in every department with one of those choruses that buries itself in your brain and pops up around 3am and destroys any idea of getting back to sleep, but the lyrics in general will have you scratching your head in...'is this about an actual person or does he really wanna ... do a Robot?? Answers on a postcard to ... !

'Tell Me Why' has an almost identical riff to the previous track, so you may think you've got double the 'weird' song, but fear not, slightly disturbed listener, Phil wouldn't do that to ya, no, this song is back to the meat 'n potatoes uber-rockin' side to Tragik, the stop-start verses led on by that jabbing guitar that gives way to the harmonious chorus, but mainly based 'round that jabbing vibe, so no shagging R2D2 this time!  The album is bought to the end with 'Who Am I', sort of Audioslave meets Deep Purple in it's make up, really heavy on the power-riffage/drums section with added Hammond and chugging bass that all melt together perfectly to give this song the 'oomph-amatic' style, and as I usually say, a great way to end the album!

'Faith Healer' is due for release in September, but as on another previous occasion, Phil has been so generous in letting themayfairmallzine getting an early chance to hear an album he has been involved with.  So once again, many, many thanks Phil.  I thoroughly enjoyed 'Faith Healer' and I'm sure there will be many more Rock fans out there who'll agree with me. Cheers! 

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  Back On The Road
2.  Coming Home
3.  Do It Again
4.  Don't Know What To Believe
5.  Faith
6.  Hanging On A String
7.  Out Of Touch
8.  Over & Over
9.  Robot Love
10. Tell Me Why
11. Who Am I 


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