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Band: Treat

Title: Tunguska

Label: Frontiers Music Srl


Since their reformation back in 2006 and two critically acclaimed studio album and a great live album, Treat are back with their brand new album ‘Tunguska’, named after when an object from space apparently exploded in the atmosphere above Siberia. The explosion killed reindeer and flattened trees, in what has become known as the Tunguska event.

And what an event this new ‘Tunguska’ truly is.  The band have kept up where their superb 2016 release ‘Ghost of Graceland’ left off and shows that after some 30 years, the band still have the hunger to produce great music and believe me, ‘Tunguska’ will fill even the emptiest of rock bellies.

The album gets underway with the ‘Progenitors’ and from here on in the album doesn’t look back, as each track outshines it’s predecessor. This band come out of the gates like thunderous champions on the race of their life and with this collection of songs and stunning production, how could anyone be anything other than left speachless by this release.

The band mix great hard rock with a touches off classy AOR, with the likes of the excellent ‘Always Have, Always Will’ that has anthem written all over it and just begs to be heard live.  Then we have the simply stunning ‘Best of Enemies’, the rocking ‘Creeps’ and the epic feelings of ‘Overboard’.  Then throw in the ballad ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ and the no holds barred rockers ‘All Bets Are Off’ and ‘Undefeated’, and what you have here is the perfect Rock album!

I certainly don’t come across many albums of this calibre these days and highly recommend you check out this release.  I sure hope the UK festival promoters do and we get to see a lot more of this band on UK shores in future.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Progenitors
2.  Always Have, Always Will
3.  Best Of Enemies
4.  Rose Of Jericho
5.  Heartmath City
6.  Creeps
7.  Build The Love
8.  Man Overboard
9.  Riptide
10.  Tomorrow Never Comes 
11. All Bets Are Off
12. Undefeated


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