Album Reviews
Band: U.D.O.

Title: We Are One

Label: AFM Records


Aptly titled 'We Are One', this collection of metal cuts sees legendary vocalist U.D.O. collaborate with concert band of the German armed forces.  Why not eh? It's probably the only thing left on U.D.O's bucket list after a long and illustrious career.

So what we have here is a very well played out and extremely likeable record.  There is so much going on musically throughout this 60 min plus juggernaut, but at no point is the instrumentation fighting for attention.  It's got space, breathes well and is sensationally composed from top to bottom.

There are some killer tracks, 'Rebel Town' and 'Love and Sin', that epitomize the very essence of heavy metal.  

The true gem of this behemoth is the orchestration that compliments and enhances pretty straight forward metal tunes.  It's dynamic, bombastic and hits all the sweet spots in between.  

If I has to be picky, my only criticism is that there is probably 3/4 songs more than there needs to be.  Also, some of the chorus and repeat sections outstay their welcome throughout.  Aside from these minor chinks in the armour, a fantastic record and strong addition to U.D.O's legacy. 

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Pandemonium
2.  We Are One
3.  Love And Sin
4.  Future Is The Reason Why
5.  Children Of The World
6.  Blindfold (The Last Defender)
7.  Blackout
8.  Mother Earth
9.  Rebel Town
10. Natural Forces  
11. Neon Diamond 
12. Beyond Gravity 
13. Here We Go Again 
14. We Strike Back 
15. Beyond Good And Evil 


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