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Band: Viana

Title: Forever Free

Label: Escape Music

'Forever Free' is the second album from Italian guitarist / songwriter Stefano Viana, for this second opus Viana has called upon the talents of Bryan Cole to take up the mike on this album, replacing Alessandro Del Vecchio who sang on the debut album 'Viana'.

Joining the melodic rock party on this album are Anna Portalupi on bass, Adam Ernst on drums, Francesco Marras on guitar and Pasquale India on keyboard, with Terry Brock on backing vocals and duetting on 'Do You Remember' and guest guitarist John Roth, who provides lead guitar on two tracks.

Things get underway with the title track 'Forever Free', a truer slice of melodic rock you won't find.  This one will tick all the boxes for the diehard fans of this genre.  Great guitar work, a great rhythm section and a vocal that’s the icing on this Melodic Rock cake.

Things continue with 'In the Name of Love', which is pure driven Melodic Rock, with Cole delivering some of the best vocals on the album, think Steve Overland meets Joe Lynn Turner.

I could wax lyrical about all the tracks on this album as it's one of those all killer, no filler albums.  A must for all fans of the genre.  But if I must pick out a few of my favourites, the first up would be 'Do You Remember',  as a big fan of Brock, both he and Cole just bring something really special when they’re together.  Also 'Friday Night', which is one of those songs I used to listen to while getting my glad rags on before heading out for a big night out on the town.

All in all this is a great album and while it's not going to shake the foundations of the genre, what it does do is provide the scaffolding to keep this genre solid and true.  Great stuff!


Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Forever Free
2.  In The Name Of Love
3.  Heart Of Stone
4.  We Can't Choose
5.  Who Do You Think You Are?
6.  Live Free Or Die
7.  Do You Remember
8.  Friday Night
9.  I Wanna Tell You
10. We Will Never Say Goodbye 


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