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Band: Acacia Avenue

Title: Worlds Apart

Label: Perris Records


Acacia Avenue is the dreamchild of the multi-talented musician Torben Enevoldsen, who with three great albums under Acacia Avenue moniker, returns with another stunning slice of Melodic Hard rock with the fourth album 'Worlds Apart'.

This new album takes up where the critically acclaimed 'Early Warning' left off.  Once again a melodic rock fans wet dream of an album, with Enevoldsen handling guitar, bass, vocals and keyboards, on drums we have Dennis Hansen, along with a veritable who's who of guest vocalists Peter Sundell, Dagfinn Joensen, Torben Lysholm, Nicklas Sonne and Michael Bastholm Dahl.

Things get off to a rocking start with ‘Stand Up and Shout’.  A great opener that feature on vocals Michael Bastholm Dahl, who really delivers the goods on this one and really sets the ball rolling on what is a great album.

The album continues in a more melodic rock vein with the title track ‘Worlds Apart’.  This time taking up the mic is Peter Sundell of C.O.P. and Grand Illusion.  This one airs more towards the melodic rock side of things for which Sundell is the perfect foil.  Anyone who has heard C.O.P or Grand Illusion's material will be more than familiar with just what this guy is capable of.

It's all change on the vocal front once more as Section A’s Nicklas Sonne brings back the more Hard Rock feel to proceedings, with the main man Enevoldsen delivering a thumping bass as well as bringing in some great soaring guitar work to this one.

The multi-talented Enevoldsen shows his vocal prowess on ‘Fly Away’.  The warm tones really give this one an almost 80’s AOR feel, but with that modern edge, before the tempo is picked up big style on 'Mine All Mine’, as Enevoldsen shows the rockier side to his vocals range to full effect, on what is modern Melodic Rock at it's very best.

The hard rock comes back as full throttle we go with 'Straight To The Heart'.  This time it's Fate’s Dagfinn Joensen delivering the vocal goods on this one.  This is a ballsy dirty rocker that will have you rocking in the aisles from the off.

Sundell returns to the mic for the keyboard infused 'Reaching Out'.  Another pure-bred melody filled rocker.  Then it's time for one of my many favourite tracks off the album, the riff laden Seeing is Believing'.  Sonne returns to bring that harder edged vocal to the mix. This is the sort of Rock I grew up listening to and still love to hear.  Great riff driven rock.

Enevoldsen brings a bluesy tone to the mix on ‘Don’t Chain My Heart’, before the 80’s styled rocker 'Wait For Love’.  If this was released back then, you would have heard it on the soundtracks of the likes of ‘The Secret of My Success' and 'Mannequin' etc..

This excellent album closes as it opened, with a great slice of Hard Rock in 'Chasing Starlight', with Joensen giving it the beans on this one.

Today’s Melodic Rock is easy to pigeon-hole with that of its heyday, but today’s bands are 'Worlds Apart' from the bands of yesterday.  They don’t have the budget those bands had thrown at them back then, but what the do have is the quality and this album is pure top quality of the highest order.  Whatever style of Melodic Rock you’re into, this album will appeal to all.  This one has is all and will definitely be among my albums of the year for 2018.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Stand Up and Shout
2.  Worlds Apart
3.  Out of Control
4.  Fly Away
5.  Mine all Mine
6.  Straight to the Heart
7.  Reaching Out
8.  Seeing is Believing
9.  Don't Chain my Heart
10. Wait for Love
11. Chasing Starlight 


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