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Band: Animal Drive

Title: Bite

Label: Frontiers Music Srl


Frontiers Music continue to increase the impressive roster with not just established bands, but they also continue to bring new talent to the forefront, and one band falling into the later is Croatia’s Animal Drive, with the label picking up the band for their stunning new album 'Bite'. 

The band have one of those quite unique features of any new band and that’s a sound of their own.  They mix the influence of Skid Row the edgy side of Dream Theatre with the classic 70’s hard sound, to produce what is a landmark debut release.

The album hits hard and fast from the off with ‘Goddamn Marathon’, with frontman Dino Jelusic delivering a power filled vocal, that has that soaring David Readman feel about it.  Think Coverdale with a bit more bite.  It’s clear to see how he was chosen by the late, great Paul O'Neill to tour as a featured vocalist on Trans-Siberian Orchestra's most recent U.S. tour, just from the opener alone. 

The hard hitting rock continues with the massive ‘Tower Of Lies (I Walk Alone)’, which is hard rock at it's very best.  This is where that Skid Row influences come to the forefront, this is 'Slave to the Grind', hard rock at it's best.

Things continue with the superb ‘Had Enough’.  A great slice of classic feel good hard rock, before the tempo eases down a little, and I mean a little, with one of my favourite tracks off the album ‘Hands of Time’, with great soaring melodies and a powerhouse vocal driving this one.

The heavier side of the band is back with a vengeance with ‘Lights of the Damned’.  This song airs toward the more Melodic Metal side of things.  This heavier vibe continues on with the massive, almost progressive edge of ‘Time Machine’.

The band show their diversity of sound with the excellent ballad ‘Father’, before switching things round once more with the fantastic ‘Fade Away’.  A towering mix of guitars and soaring vocals feature strongly on this great modern rocker, that once again shows the band can mix things up and bring in that uniqueness, that this album shows in spades.

It's back to the mellower side of things with the haunting ‘Carry On’, with Jelusic delivering some great vocals.  Although I'm pretty sure this guy could sing the phone directory and make it sound good.

There’s a touch of tongue in cheek rock with the next song, the excellent ‘Devil Took My Beer Again’, before this great debut closes with the seven minute epic ‘Deliver Me’.  This is where that Dream Theatre side of the band shines through.  It's a little progressive, but all rock n' roll.

Definitely one of the bands to look out for in 2018.  A band with the talent to go far, so be prepared as this Animal is unleashed.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Goddamn Marathon 
2. Tower Of Lies (I Walk Alone) 
3. Had Enough 
4. Hands Of Time 
5. Lights Of The Damned 
6. Time Machine 
7. Father
8. Fade Away 
9. Carry On 
10. Devil Took My Beer Again 
11. Deliver Me 


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