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Band: Bonfire

Title: Temple Of Lies

Label: AFM Records

Bonfire are one of those bands that have stood the test of time, since their incarnation back in 1972 under the banner of Cacumen, till the decision was taken back in 1986 to change the name to Bonfire.

But it was the bands 1987 album 'Fireworks' that really put the band well and truly on the rock map.

Many years have passed since then, along with it many changes in line-up, but at the core of the band has always been founding member guitarist Hans Ziller.  This the bands 2018 incarnation is one that sees the band taking a firm hold on its own destiny, leading the charge is frontman Alexx Stahl, who brings a new passion for rock to the band.

The album opens up with a narrative intro, before the full force of the album is unleashed with the title track ‘Temple of Lies'.  This is the heavier side of the classic Bonfire sound, that has carried the band when all others have fell by the wayside.  This is a rip snorting teutonic slice of hard rock, where Stahl just unleashes his pure rock n' roll might that could give Rob Halford a run for his money.  Along with the towering riff building of Ziller and aided by rhythm guitarist Frank Pane, as well as the powerhouse rhythm section of Ronnie Parkes on bass and Tom Breideband’s skin busting drums, the band really set out to take no prisoners.

The album continues with ‘Wings of an Angel’, this is classic Bonfire soaring melody rich hard rock at its very best, with Stahll showing why he was the right choice to lead the band ever forward.  His vocal control is second to none on this song.

The classy hard rock pours out of every molecule of this album, as it continues with ‘Feed the Fire’ and hard hitting ‘Stand or Fall’.  A track that should become the bands motto, as this is five guys standing up for Rock n' Roll and making their music do the talking.

What Bonfire album wouldn’t be complete without a ballad and 'Temple of Lies' is no different, with the six minute splendour of ‘Comin’ Home’.

The band really show their hard rock credentials once more with the excellent 'I’ll Never Be Loved By You’ and the lick laden ‘Fly Away’.  The latter being one of my favourite tracks from the album, along with the next one, ‘I Help You Hate Me’, just pure hard hitting, power infused rock.

This tremendous album closes with that classic Bonfire sound in ‘Crazy Over You’, which wraps up one of the best Bonfire albums for years.  There is a harder than normal edge to this album which I like.  This isn’t a total change in style for the band, this is the band taking steps to not only keep the diehard fans happy, but also to appeal to the whole new army of younger rock fans who are just getting into this style of Rock.

So fear not, enter the Temple and worship the gods of Teutonic Hard Rock once more, the Bonfire is burning and burning brighter than ever before.  

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  In The Beginning
2.  Temple Of Lies
3.  On The Wings Of An Angel
4.  Feed The Fire (Like The Bonfire)
5.  Stand Or Fall
6.  Comin' Home
7.  I'll Never Be Loved By You
8.  Fly Away
9.  Love The Way You Hate Me
10.  Crazy Over You  


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