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Band: Bulletboys

Title: From Out Of The Skies

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

Quite a lot of water has passed under the bridge since the Bulletboys self-titled debut 'Rock The World' in 1988, but now some 30 years later, Marq Torien and a new line-up return with their brand new opus 'From Out Of The Skies'.

Joining founding member Torien on this new album are Nick Rozz, Chad MacDonald and Anthony Biuso, along with a little help from guest vocalist Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal, who together have produced as very diverse and energy filled album worthy of the Bulletboys name.

Over the years the band have always been a little shall we say experimental with their albums and this is one of those albums.

The album gets off to terrific start with the hard hitting rocker ‘Apocalypto’, which takes me back to the classic sound of their debut release.  Raw energy filled hard rock with Torien leading the charge as always.

That great hard rock continues with the single ‘D-Evil’, where we find Torien joined by Jesse Hughes of The Eagles of Death Metal for yet another no holds barred rocker, that really gets you rocking and a rolling from start to end.

The title track ‘From Out of the Skies’ is next a great meat and bones rocker, before the tempo is brought done a touch with the sublime 'Hi-Fi Drive By’, which leads us nicely on to the stunning ballad ‘Losing End Again’.

The tempo is picked up big time with the raucous ‘What Cha Don’t’.  A real great guitar fuelled rocker that really kicks some serious ass, before that experimental side of the Bulletboys comes to the forefront with the great electro groover rocker ‘PRAB’, where the band get funky on the dance floor.

It's back to the more traditional side of Hard Rock with the mid-tempoed rocker ‘Sucker Punch’, before unleashing another great acoustic ballad in the form of ‘Switchblade Butterfly’.  This is Torien at his mellow best.

The album closes with the epic feeling of ‘Once Upon a Time’.  This slow burner really is a classy track to end what has to be the best Bulletboys album in a long, long time.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Apocalypto
2.  D-Evil
3.  From Out Of The Skies
4.  Hi-Fi Drive By
5.  Losing End Again
6.  Whatcha Don't
7.  P.R.A.B
8.  Sucker Punch
9.  Switchblade Butterfly
10. Once Upon A Time


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