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Band: Coreleoni

Title: The Greatest Hits Pt 1

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

Coreleoni is the new project of Gotthard guitarist Leo Leoni, with 2017 being the 25th anniversary of Gotthard, this seemed like a good reason to realize an idea, Leoni had since for quite a number of years. Celebrating not only the debut album, but also the hard-rocking appeal of the first three albums, plus a couple of surprises. Helping Leoni on this album is Ronnie Romero (Vocals), Jgor Gianola (Guitar), Hena Habegger (Drums) and Mila Merker (Bass).

The songs are the cream of those first three albums.  They have been completely re-recorded and with Romero vocals giving them a little bit more edge than the originals, and to great effect.

The album gets underway proper after the intro ‘Il Padrino’ (the love theme from 'The Godfather'), with one of my favourite Gotthard songs ‘Firedance’, from the bands self-titled debut, and I must say Romero really gives this one the beans.  A real show of power and might from the Rainbow frontman, aided by the power riffs of Leoni.

The album continues with the excellent ‘Downtown’, another from the debut and again the track just rocks big time.  Talk about your timeless classics, it's over to the bands sophomore album 'Dial Hard', for a thumping version of ‘Higher’ and a slow burning bluesy tones ‘’Get it While You Can’.

‘In The Name’ is the first revamped track from the third album ‘G’.  Romero vocals are the main focus point, as has an uncanny gift for sounding like Steve Lee, but with a harder edge on this one.  Scary and good at the same time.

Things continue with the ‘G’ album with the moving ‘Let it Be’, before returning to the debut for the equally moving version of ‘All I Care For’.  This is all before the only brand-new track on the album ‘Walk on Water’, which makes me wonder what this means for Gotthard and Leoni, and will Coreleoni's next album be all new material?  Well we’ll kist have to wait and see.

It's back to the re-vamped classics with the rocking ‘Here Comes the Heat’, taken from the 'Dial Hard' album.  Then it’s a return to the bluesy hard rock with a simply stunning version of ‘Tell No Lies’.  A surprise addition as this is from the band's fourth album ‘Open’.  A great addition all the same, no matter what album it's from.

It hard rocking all way with ‘Ride On’ from the ‘G’ album, before another surprise addition this time from the 'Lip Service' album, as the album closes with ‘Anytime Anywhere’, which wraps up a simply stunning album, that not only pays tribute to some great albums, but also to one of the finest vocalist in the genre Steve Lee (R.I.P.).

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Love Theme From "The Godfather"
2.  Firedance
3.  Downtown
4.  Higher
5.  Get It While You Can
6.  In The Name
7.  Let It Be
8.  All I Care For
9.  Walk On Water
10.  Here Comes The Heat 
11. Tell No Lies 
12. Ride On  
13. Anytime Anywhere


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