Album Reviews
Band: Jean Beauvoir

Title: Rock Masterpieces Vol. 1

Label: AOR Heaven


Jean Beauvoir may have started off with the Plasmatics, but his career has seen him collaborate with Kiss, John Waite, The Ramones, The Pretenders, Doro, N'Sync, Little Steven, as well as his own bands, Voodoo X and Crown Of Thorns.  

From the debut Crown of Thorns album we get the title track, the catchy 'Hike It Up', a song that could easily have fit on any Kiss album in the mid-late 80's, 'Dying For Love', an AOR masterpiece and a big favourite, 'Secret Jesus' and 'Standing On The Corner For Ya', featuring a gospel style backing and more keyboards that gives the song a new depth.  

Other Crown Of Thorns numbers in the shape of 'Faith', a fave of mine due to the infectious groove, and 'Rock Ready', still think it has a Zeppelin groove to it, also feature.


Then from Voodoo Xs 'The Awakening' album we have the title track and the excellent 'Voodoo Queen', epitomizing late 80's rock.  

No Jean Beauvoir compilation would be complete without, 'Feel The Heat', from 'Drums Along The Mohawk' and featured in the movie Cobra with Sly Stallone.  Also included is 'Missing The Young Days', another typical mid 80's tune.  

Another track on here is 'The One', and the first verse has JB sounding like Bono!!!  

Jean Beauvoir has been involved with, written and produced plenty of memorable songs, a few of which are on here.  If you are new to Jean Beauvoir this is a perfect place to start, also lookout for Rock Masterpieces Vol.2 coming early 2019.  


Review by: Dave Brass



1.  Faith
2.  Crown Of Thorns
3.  Dying For Love
4.  Feel The Heat
5.  Lyin'
6.  Heartbeat
7. The Awakening
8.  Missing The Young Days
9.  Hike It Up
10.  Secret Jesus 
11. Rock Ready
12. The One
13. Voodoo Queen
14. Standing On The Corner For Ya


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