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Band: Legion

Title: Redemption

Label: Legion / Rock Company

Did it not say in the Bible that 'the meek shall inherit the Earth'? Hmm ... you believe any of the crap from that story book you'll believe owt, BUT, when it comes to music, the Bible of Rock (if there had been such a thing!), would've claimed that 'the hard-working underdog shall have their day in the spotlight before the Mighty'.  If that were the case in an ideal world, then step up Phil Vincent, your time is now, mate!!  When it comes to the prolific work this fella does with all the projects he's involved with, you'd think it was on a conveyor belt, such is the amount put out, and ... surprise, surprise, the band Legion he is part of have just released their new album 'Redemption' that comes out this month! 

If you're up for a huge chunk of heavy rock/metal, then look no further than this brain-blaster, it's full to the brim o' the stuff, though as 'Out In The Cold' begins, it's as if you've began listening to modern day Gary Numan, because this has Irv Parratt's electronic keys leading the way before a thunderous drum and riff explode into life, those eerie sounding keys shimmering in the background as it all goes along ... Phil's layered vocals adding to the dark aura surrounding the track, suddenly to be banished by the type of huge riffage that WASP loved to use in their early days as 'Reach for The Sky' kicks in, a screeching solo bursting in from Vince O'Regan and a wall-shaking bass-line via Gav Cooper in tandem, the band as a whole sounding as heavy as they've ever been, and am I complaining 'bout that? No way Jose!

You want a serious lesson on 'tub-thumping'? Look no further than 'Run', as this bugger is a wannabe drummers dream, Andy Pierce's drum pattern verging on hypnotic as he pounds away, Phil's vocals urgent throughout as if he's warning someone, and the longer the song goes on, for me, it is one that Iron Maiden would be quite comfortable with.

'Die Young' couldn't be any closer to late 80's Melodic/Hard Rock if it tried, think Giant merging with No Sweat, both band's harmonious choruses, chugging guitars n bass, snappy drums and soaring solos all in check, together bringing back fond memories of times gone by ... as will the pacey rocker 'Cold Day In Hell', a cracking lil' track that mixes hints of harder edged Thin Lizzy and UFO.  'Face To Face' has that slight unnerving keys effect shadowing the track, though it's all about the feisty riffs and  drumming here, the dramatic track full of gusto from the off as it rushes along like a freight train, slowing down to a near crawl as the atmospheric 'Spaceman' glides in on it's echoey bass 'n snare drum combo, Parratt's keys once more raising the hairs on the back of the neck, the track almost leaning tentatively towards the 'proggy' side of Queensryche. 

Righto ... is it me (again!), but does the riff/hook of 'Pieces' sound like Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on A Prayer'?? Obviously it's a lot heavier here, but it sounds familiar to me, and that's the comparison that springs to mind, though as mentioned, I doubt B.J. could sound as heavy as this, in fact the whole vibe is more 'Lick It Up' (Kiss) than the poodle-haired band, yet the title 'Tramp Stamp' would certainly fit in Jovi's early curriculum, though I'd say Warrant would probably be more musically associated, all down to the hefty riff and drum-work again, and air guitarists be ready, there's a cracking solo mid way through to do your 'shredding' to!

'Gone Too Far' is the angriest song I've heard for a while, starting with a blistering  Thrash-alike riff that lets you know that this ain't gonna be a love song any time soon, though there is a message to someone that was possibly 'someone' along the line, Phil spraying words of vitriol in the face of whoever it is, Pierce's snare like a slap each time he brays it, so job done there then!
The album comes to the end on 'Holy Man', the band doing (unknown) homage to Ozzy in his 'No More Tears' era, crystal cutting riffage, skin-tearing solos and pulsating rhythm section with that touch of keys for edginess, the band ending as they started, capturing the listeners attention and holding it 'til the final notes disappear. Bob's yer Uncle, Fanny's yer Aunt!
Seeing as it's only March, it makes you wonder just how many albums Phil Vincent is going to be involved with this year, though with the present Worldwide climate as it is at this moment in time, maybes not as many as he may want to. Here's hoping we can rid ourselves of this awful virus soon so we can have a lot more music like this to look forward to. Take care y'all!!

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  Out In The Cold
2.  Reach For The Sky
3.  Run
4.  Die Young
5.  Cold Day In Hell
6.  Spaceman
7.  Pieces
8.  Tramp Tramp
9.  Gone Too Far
10.  Holy Man


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