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Band: Two Of A Kind

Title: Rise

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

After a ten year hiatus, Fred Hendrix (Terra Nova) has reignited the flame under his Two of a Kind project for their long overdue sophomore release ‘Rise’.

Once again Hendrix unites with vocalists Esther Brouns and Anita Craenmehr, along with cohorts from the debut Gesuino Derosas (Guitar), Hans in't Zandt (Drums) and brother Ron Hendrix (Keyboards) for what is a stunning slice of Melodic Rock.

It may have been ten years since the debut, but Hendrix has taken no prisoners with this new album, as with this great melodic rock album he really brings out best in the twin vocals of Brouns and Craenmehr.

The album kicks off with ‘Here and Now’ and quickly the ten years between albums seen just a moment away, as this new album smoothly takes up where the debut left off.

The melodic splendour continues with the groove filled anthem ‘Rock Your World’, before rocking things up a notch with ‘Wheel of Life’.  

The album touches on the blues side of things with the excellent ‘Naked’, before rocking back up with the title track ‘Rise’ and ‘Touch the Roof’.  The album continues to impress with the ballad ‘Alienation’, before the semi-acoustic tones of ‘Higher’ and the bluesy closer ‘Run Girl’.

It’s easy to link the band with Heart because of the twin female vocals, but Two of a Kind are much more than that.  This is the band Heart could have been.  This band is more a reflection of today's Melodic Rock scene and definitely runs rings around the Wilson Sisters. 

It may have been ten years since the debut but the wait was well worth it.  Let’s just hope it’s not another ten years for the next installment.  Let’s also hope there are some live dates because this album is crying out to be played live.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Here Is The Now
2.  Rock Your World
3.  Wheel Of Life
4.  Naked
5.  Rise
6.  Touch The Roof
7.  Higher
8.  Alienation
9.  It Ain't Over
10. Without You


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