Artist: Fury UK 
   Title: A Way Of Life
   Label: Rocksector Records

Last year, in the Mayfair Mallzine end of year writers poll, I named Fury UK's 'VR' album as my album of the year.  Now, just over a year since the release of that album, the band thrust the follow up 'A Way of Life' upon us.  Can they possibly reclaim the top album crown again?  Well, on the evidence of the material here, the answer is a resounding YES!
If you've seen the band in 2010 you will probably know album opener 'I See Red' which has been honed on the live circuit for a few months now.  The track kicks straight in with Martin McNee's drums and Luke Appleton's thunderous bass, before the pacey riff from 'surely the most underrated guitarist in Britain' Chris Appleton kicks in.  'Live for yourself, is one way to be, don't turn your back on all that you see', the opening lines to the track, could be the Metallers Motto!  The band have their own sound somewhere between the best bits of Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica and Dream Theater, and the track really comes into its own at the halfway point with a blistering solo which even Dave Mustaine would be jealous of.
The blood and thunder pace of the album continues with 'Fall From Grace', a quite simply stunning barnstormer of a tune which wouldn't have sounded out of place on the last record.  With a great sing-along chorus, this is sure to be a live favourite, the instrumental breakdown a battle royale between guitar, bass and drums.
'One God' follows, and has a great bass groove which melts into a heavy-as-hell tale of religion, before the track takes an about turn into a stop-start riff which just keeps comin' back for more.  Just when you think the tracks done, you get punched in the face again with that wicked bass line.
'Saviour', which has already been played live a couple of times, owes a lot to Iron Maiden's 'Wasted Years' in its opening riff, which is cleverly worked into another thrashy workout, the chorus of which 'I hold the rein, take the strain' can quite easily get stuck in your head for days!
The Dream Theater-esque 'Nemesis' is quite possibly the best track on the album, with a great uplifting chorus (with an almost acoustic guitar riff) which gives way to several bass and drum duels at various points.  Another track that has already been let loose on the live circuit, this is bound to be another favourite soon.  Again Chris Appleton shows he's no mug with the guitar with a fantastic riff.
'Athena', which is dedicated to the bands growing Greek fan-base, starts off slowly but soon builds into another great monster of a track about the Ancient Greeks.  The central riff to this track is catchy as hell, and Chris gives his best vocal performance on the album, in fact you almost get the feel that you're marching along with those Greek soldiers in the searing heat.  Brilliant stuff.
'Show of Force' picks up where 'Athena' ends, and is the paciest track on the record.  Another great sing-along which is sure to be a live favourite, its main selling point is the mega bass and guitar riff, again building up to a crescendo and another lengthy solo.
'Run Away From No-One' is a real slow-burner of a track, which carries another excellent bass riff, credit to the production on the album which doesn't bury any of the band members sound at all.  This is one of the real surprises on this record, and I have to admit it took me a couple of listens to get into this track, but its now probably one of my favourites.
'Alien Skies' is easily the most groove laden tune the band have come up with on their 3 albums, a wicked bass lick present throughout in this tale of another world, possibly Mars?  The epic chorus is one of the most memorable on the album, and when the tune breaks down into another tremendous solo, you can't help but break out the old air guitar!!
'The Remainder' finishes off the album on a progressive note, easily the bands 'Fade to Black' moment and certainly on a par with the face melting 'Death By Lightning', from VR.  This track is 10 and a bit minutes of pure metal bliss, and really in 3 parts, a lighters-in-the-air first and final part, which in between thunders into a spine-tingling bass and drums duel with added solo, rivaling the best that any of the bands peers and contemporaries could offer.  An absolute barnstormer of a track, this is sure to become yet ANOTHER live favourite.
This band keep going from strength to strength, certainly catch them if you can when they tour in the Autumn, as you're in for a treat. An absolute corker of an album.
Review by: Dan Armstrong


1. I See Red
2. Fall From Grace
3. One God
4. Saviour
5. Nemesis
6. Athena
7. Show Of Force
8. Run Away From No-One
9. Alien Skies
10. The Remainder



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