Artist: Grimlord  
   Title: Dolce Vita Sath-anas
   Label: Trident Harmony

The terms Melodic and Black Metal don’t often appear in the same universe never mind the same sentence, but arising from the ashes of Black Metal band Vallachia, Polish metallers Grimlord are about to break all the rules of genre interaction with their latest album ‘Dolce Vita Sath-anas’.

This album is one that needs your attention from the off, as the opener and title track ‘Dolce Vita Sath-anas’ is what everyone expects from those in the know and those familiar with the whole genre, but those not into it may dismiss this album after just one track.  However, please persevere as the album is more than a shred fest, as the second track ‘When The Heads Are Going Down’ proves.  This is a delight to listen to.  A mix of heavy titanic rhythms embedded with lightning speed guitar licks.

The monstrous metal continues with ‘Oh! My King’, again thunderous tones as deep as they are dark, while still retaining every ounce of rhythm.  From this point on the album takes a completely new face as ‘Shade Of Wrath Angels’.  This instrumental shows what great musicianship is behind the band as Barth La Picard eases off the gruff vocal and lays down some terrific guitar and synth parts, while the powerhouse rhythm section of Orson and Lukass on bass and drums respectively bring a touch of thunder to the Film Score Metal of the track.

The technical brilliance of La Picard is continued on ‘Ground Zero’, again a great Metal instrumental piece with a stampede of licks from La Picard which are immersed in the track from the word go.

It's full steam ahead with ‘Dissolution Of Eternity’, again another superb Metal instrumental only this time with a darker edge, but still as dramatic a slice of metal as you’ll hear anywhere, full of lick after lick, after mother f**king lick.  Great stuff!

If I had to pick out one track of the album that dwarfs the rest then it would have to be the total awesome ‘Ancient Land Of Y’s’, this one puts Metallica’s ‘One’ to shame for sheer musicianship.

After the triumphant tone of 'Ancient Land Of Y’s’ it's back to the film score elegance of ‘Avericious Scavenger / Panth Of Lash’, a more deep metal feeling track that has more than a touch of darkness about it.

The album closes with another of my favourite pieces ‘Lamentations Sword’.  As the bell tolls in the intro adding to the mystique of the track, the full blown might of the rhythm section brings a dark thunderous feel to the track before La Picard unleashes the six string adding and even more sinister feel to it all, which all goes to round off a real mixed bag of an album.  

The first three tracks are for the metal heads and the remaining six are for those of us who like the metal instrumentals. This is an album that you must persevere with as I said at the beginning, because after track three you’re thrown into a completely different side of Grimlord and one that can’t be ignored.


01. Dolce Vita Sath-anas
02. When The Heads Are Going Down
03. Oh! My King
04. Shade Of Wrath Angels
05. Ground Zero
06. Dissolution Of Eternity
07. Ancient Land Of Ys
08. Avericious Scavenger / Panth Of Lash
09. Lamentation Sword




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