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Band: Avarice

Title: Poor Man's Game

Label: Independent Release

During these bleedin' awful times we're all going through, it's refreshing to know that at least music, especially Rock, hasn't completely come to a standstill, judging by the amount of new albums/singles that are appearing at a decent rate now.  Some of the 'big names' are releasing stuff, but it's also great to see the younger, upcoming bands that are pushing their sounds through as well, and one that has stood out for me is a local band called AVARICE, who have their new single 'POOR MAN'S GAME' coming out on July 9th.  If you like your Rock music laced with attitude and plenty of riffage, then you need to check this band and the single out ... sharpish!!


It starts off with a stuttering radio-styled announcement, then what I can only describe as a guttural roar from vocalist Sam Clarke, which brings in the eruption of said riffage from guitarists Josh Barrass and Morgan Dunn that explodes from the speakers, along with the pounding, pacey powerhouse rhythm section of drummer Michael Lee and bassist Patrick Young, all combining brilliantly to give the listener an up-to-date version of 90's Metallica meets Blind River, and Sam sounding uncannily like a younger version of James Hetfield as it happens.


The song pounds along at a steady, bludgeoning pace with each guitar playing off against each other, and if I can guess, lyrics possibly aimed at a certain ex-president of the USA (??) before it slows down mid way through as the bass takes over for a few seconds, rumbling away like a beating heart before that roar on the vocals  and those storming drums once more grab you by the nads and it's back to that huge chugging sound that surrounds this cracking song. and this is all from a group of young lads from the North-East ... ??  What else can you say, but beware you 'big time Charlies' out there, you can't just live on your past glories forever when there's a band like AVARICE coming through the ranks, you may just find yourselves left behind when the new blood begin to stake their claim in Rockworld with tracks just like POOR MAN'S GAME!!! 


If you fancy catching AVARICE live , they are expecting to be at the Three Tuns in Gateshead 13th July 2021 and The Globe in Newcastle on 3rd September 2021.  So go check 'em out, you won't be disappointed.


Review by: Robb Baldwin



1. Poor Man's Game  


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