Album Reviews
Band: Holy Mother

Title: Face This Burn

Label: Massacre Records

'Face this Burn' is the seventh full length studio release from New York’s hard rocking Holy Mother. Although this number may be lucky for some, it’s certainly not this case with this absolute snooze fest.

The 11 compositions are set in faithful hard territory but pretty much plod along and are largely forgettable after 1 spin. Tracks that can be remembered are for the wrong reasons such as ‘Prince of the Garden’, which is haphazard, sounds out of place and devoid of any features. After a lengthy career you would assume that a hard rock band would know a thing or two about a good chorus line… ‘Wake Up America’ defies this belief completely. The overall sound is sterile, flat with zero content worth being on the edge of your seat for. 

I am afraid this release drops straight into the endless abyss of the forgotten. 

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Face The Burn
2.  Love Is Dead
3.  Legends
4.  No Death Reborn
5.  The Truth
6.  Prince Of The Garden
7.  Wake Up America
8.  Mesmerized By Hate
9.  Today
10. The River  
11. Superstar


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