Artist: Michael Kiske 
   Title: Kiske
   Label: Frontiers Records

This is the third solo release from the former Helloween front man who once again explore the more melodic side of his nature with his latest release simply entitled ‘Kiske’.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with Michael solo work and are more familiar with his Helloween days then you're in for a shock.  Kiske is more than an all out metal singer, his vocals are actually more suited to the gentler melodic soundings, and with this new album he has totally thrown away all ties with his metal past to give us an album that truly reflects his natural persona.

The album opens up with ‘Fed By Stones’ and immediately sets the pace for the rest of the album with its gentle melodies and simplistic harmonies.

The album continues in similar vein with ‘All-Solutions’, a semi acoustic effort that reflects well Michael’s mood at this moment in time.  Who’d have thought that inside the lions voice that was Helloween really lay a pussycat that just wanted to be set free.

This is a great Sunday night album for those who just want to relax after a hard week with some low lighting and a tall glass of wine and something a little light and not to taxing on the mind on the CD player.

The musical freedom that Kiske has expressed in this album could be the making of his career or an epilogue to the end, but still is a well-crafted melodic pop style album.


1. Fed by Stones
2. All Solutions
3. Knew I Would
4. Kings Fall
5. Hearts are Free
6. The king of it All
7. Sing my Song
8. Truly
9. Painted
10. Sad as the World




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