Artist: The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing 
   Title: And That Is The Reason Why The Men That Will Not Br Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional Weapons 
   Label: Independent Release

These guys are a steampunk band from London and there name is a reference to a phrase chalked on the wall above one of Jack The Ripper’s victims, Catherine Eddows.  The band have already had furor over their debut album and EMI suing there for the use of the ‘Now That’s What I Call’ trademark.

The album bursts into life with catchy, gravelly lyrics that flow throughout and around the instrumentals, with the twangy guitars and rhythm section creating a perfect backdrop to their more than quirky sound.

The sound is very much like punk, but it has its own slant on the world, as most, if not all, punk does.  There is also element of the heavy, screamo, growly sound the bursts free on some of the tracks, giving this fusion of punk and growly lyrics a new home that fits in perfectly with their own style.  The jolly, light moments are uplifting guitars and light lyrics focusing on what’s going on in the world and what isn’t, including stereotypical British/London things - like shellfish caught at the coast.

This mixture creates an album that cannot really be defined, with its cockney-voiced lyrics and its mix from light and happy to the deeper and darker side of metal.

Review by: Kerry H


1. Intro
2. Victoria's Secret
3. Margate Fhtagn
4. Doing It For The Whigs
5. Common People's Medical Advice By RV Pierce MD
6. Free Spirit
7. Brunel
8. A Read Dead Ringer For Albert
9. The Great Stink
10. Tesla Coil
11. Mutiny In The Common Soldiery
12. Poor Georgie



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