Artist: 69 Chambers 
   Title: War On The Inside
   Label: Silver Wolf

According to Nina, 69 Chambers are "a mix of alternative rock and metal with a dash of punk and a hint of pop".  This is a perfect description of the music.  Nina has a powerful voice and is an accomplished musician.  She is the force behind the band as she is the main lyric and music writer.  

In terms of this debut album, what an opening song!! 'The Day of the Locust' is a cracker.  It has a great guitar riff to start with and the drums are wicked.  One my first listen, the vocals took me by surprise.  They are not what I expected particularly with the heavy music undertones of this song, however once I got over my initial surprise, I was well impressed. Nina is definitely a rock chick and having a producer like Tommy Vetterli (who played with the great Kreator and Coroner), it now becomes clear where the heavy edge comes from.  

Each song is well constructed and the musicianship is very tight, the bass players Maddy Madarasz vocals compliment Ninas vocals lovely and the drummer Diego is a powerhouse.  The lovely off beat tempo of ‘Judas Goat’, almost Doom like, however the vocals bring the song up a notch and the drumming comes into its own.  ‘Wind Feeds Fire’ has almost a folksy feel and again Nina’s vocals are really showcased here.  She has a beautiful voice that is easy on the soul.  ‘Dead Letter Office’ is a catchy little tune that I am sure will be release as a single. ‘Return Of The Repressed’ is one of the heavier songs on the album, particularly from the drum perspective.  This drummer definitely rocks!!  Nina also experiments with her Death Metal growl in this song, you go for it girl!! 

I did a little bit of research on this band and it seems that Nina is the only constant, even since the flyer for this album release, there seems to have been a change in drummer!!  Not sure what is going on Nina, but I hope you have now found the band you want.  This is a good CD and could pave the way for this band to build a large fan base.

Review by: Janice


01. The Day Of The Locust
02. Bloodaxe
03. Dead Letter Office
04. Thinking About You
05. On The Inside
06. Ex Nihilo
07. Request Of The Repressed
08. Judas Goat
09. The Collapse Of Time And Space
10. Wind Feeds Fire
11. Final Memento
12. Automatic Automata
13. A Ruse 




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