Artist: 7 Days 
   Title: Into Forever
   Label: Liljegren Records

Born out the songs not quite fitting with his other bands of Harmony and Darkwater, the multi-talented composer guitarist Markus Sigfridsson set about bringing a new band to life.  So in 2004 7 Days was formed.  Joining Markus would be former band mate ex-bass player of Harmony, Andreas Passmark.  It was Passmark that recommended drummer/session drummer Daniel Flores, so all that was needed now was a singer and the line-up would be complete.  So enter stage right Thomas Vikstrom, who was first introduced to Markus by Christian Liljegren, who later offered a deal for the band on his label Rivel Records (Liljegren Records), and so the seeds were finally set. The band released their debut album ‘The Weight Of The World’ to critical acclaim in 2006.  

Now Markus and the band have returned for their long awaited second album ‘Into Forever’, this time with a few line-up changes, no not changes but tune-ups, bringing in additional vocalist Liljegren himself, Erik Tordsson and more of Caroline Sigfridsson, who guested on the bands debut release.

So does the album live up to the band behind the music?  Well that would be big YES!, it sure does.

As grandiose metal albums go this is a corker.  A real roller coaster of uplifting melody rich tracks mixed with all out power driven metal with each vocalist bringing something different to each track.  After the intro ‘Through Dark And Light’ it's on to the album proper with the title track ‘Into Forever’.  A dark and mystical beginning to this one with keyboards and bass jockeying for position before it's full blown symphonic time, as the guitars and orchestrations join in.  Then the track just explodes as the vocals take over and it's metal all the way as male and female vocals duet in haunting synchronicity. 

Keeping that dark metal vibe going is ‘The Innocence In Me’, again a bass ridden bonanza as Passmark just powers through the track, while Flores delivers a real tour de force attack from the drum stool, all the while Sigfridsson fires out some superb guitars.

The triumphant bass lines of Passmark get the fantastic ‘You Hold The Key’ under way.  A great male and female duet run the length and breadth of this one, along with some of the finest musicianship of the entire album.  A plethora of timing and melody changes keep you on your toes throughout.

The album fulfils what it sets out to achieve on so many levels, musicianship, vocal prowess, tempo and melody changes.  From the fiery guitar licks and hammering bass lines to the powerhouse drumming this album has so much to offer the connoisseur of both progressive and power metal.

As the album thunders on with the powerful all out attack of ‘Enter The Dream’ the haunting orchestral enriched ‘Crossing’ the all out brutality of ‘We Cry No More’, but its final few tracks that really give you food for thought as they mix traditional old school guitar licks with film score styled keyboards on ‘Under The Sun’ the almost Folk Metal of the stunning ‘Scattered Mind’ before what is my track of the album the simply sublime ‘Final Wisdom’ this one has all the elements of a master class in how to do power infused Symphonic Power Metal a real barnstormer and THE standout track of the album.

For me the album could have finished there but the album comes to a close with ‘What Matters’ another powerful piece that rounds off what is quite simply a stunning work and one that Sigfridsson and the rest of the band should be very very proud of.


1. Through Dark And Light
2. Into Forever
3. The Innocence In Me
4. You Hold The Key
5. Enter A Dream
6. Crossing
7. We Cry No More
8. Under The Sun
9. Scattered Mind
10. Final Wisdom
11. What Matters



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