Artist: Jeff Scott Soto 
   Title: Damage Control
   Label: Frontiers Records

Well is been a long time coming but its finally here, the Jeff Scott Soto follow up to the 2009 album 'Beautiful Mess', and what a way to make a come back.  This is Soto at his rockin’ best.  Yes we love it when he sings those heart warming ballads, but he is at heart a rocker and this is right up there with his Soul SirkUS and Talisman material, as some of his finest material to date.

The album gets off to a fantastic start with ‘Give A Little More’.  A great rocker that really sets the standard for the rest of the album that just goes up another level as each track unfolds.

The goodtime rock continues its impressive path with the mighty title track ‘Damage Control’, a groove filled rock monster swoops and sways between hard edged guitars and Soto’s rich vocals on the chorus, then swoops down to a more melodic pace.  Then as the chorus comes back in, it's back up to its full rocking pace.

The up-tempo rockers just keep on coming with the excellent ‘Look Inside Your Heart’, featuring some truly great guitar work on this one, as well as Soto’s phenomenal vocal presence.  Definitely one of my favourites off the album.

Soto has always been a darling of the Melodic Rock fans and one track that will surely become a fast favourite is ‘Die A Little'.  It's a mid tempoed slice of pure melody rich gold.  Also ‘If I Never Let Her Go’, another song consisting of pure Melodic Rock at its very best.

But if you like me like to get your rocks off, then hang on to your hats as things pick up once more with the excellent ‘Tears That I Cry’.  As the album reaches its mid way point, its time for only ballad on the album ‘BonaFide’.  Although I prefer a little rock, you can't fault the emotion Soto’s manages to put into his ballads and this ranks as one of his finest.

After the short ballad interlude it's time to rock things up again and what a head-rush ‘Krazy World’ is.  It's another favourite of mine.  It's funky, it's rocky, it's just superb! The up-tempo rock continues right to the end, from here on in with ‘How To Love Again’ and the superb funky groove filled rocker ‘AfterWorld’.

This album closes in fine style with ‘NeverEnding War’, a track that has a little Bon Jovi gentle steel guitar start, but then soon builds into great finale to one of Jeff Scott Soto best albums to date, and for an artist with such a pedigree behind him, this is some feat.  Also if you can spare a few pennies more when the album comes out, invest in the extended deluxe edition as you get three bonus tracks and a DVD - 'Look Inside Your Heart' (videoclip), 'NeverEnding War' (videoclip), 'Damage Control' (videoclip), EPK interview.  Definitely more bang for your buck!!!


1. Give A Little More
2. Damage Control
3. Look Inside Your Heart
4. Die A Little
5. Take U Down
6. If I Never Let Her Go
7. Tears That I Cry
8. Bonafide
9. Elena
10. Krazy World
11. How To Love Again
12. AfterWorld
13. NeverEnding War
14. Afraid To Die *



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