Artist: Joey Summer
   Title: Written On The Horizon
Avenue of Allies

There is no doubting that Brazil and the rest of South America has a rich musical culture, and with the likes of Auras, N.O.W. and Highest Dreams producing some great Melodic/Hard Rock recently, the resurgence in those genres has again shifted focus away from Europe and once again put the South America’s on the Melodic Rock map once more.

And another artist to shine from this part of the world is Joey Summer, a name some may already recognize from the bands Karma and Arena.  Now in 2010 Summer returns with the excellent ‘Written On The Horizon’, an album that captures the spirit that this genre had in the 80’s but with a more modern soundscape.

The album opens up with ‘Rise Up’ and give a strong indication of what to expect from the album, a real top notch Melodic Rock song that not only highlights Summers great vocal attributes, but also his guitar skills, along with Daniel Lamas on keyboards, and Markcell on bass and Renan Martins on drums.

The album continues with the track 'Anymore', a song penned by Michael Bormann with guest bassist Michael Muller of Jaded Heart.  This is one hell of track, a real gritty guitar fuelled hard rocker that has to be one of my favourite tracks off the album, the guitar solo mid track is just wonderful.

The title track ‘Written On The Horizon’ is another monster of a track, again featuring a huge guitar sound that is still kept in check due to some great production.  Too many times the guitar is brought too far to the front in the mix and drowns out the other musicians, but not on this release as Summer has managed to get it just right.

The Swedes get in on the writing front on Don’t Believe a song written by Goran Edman and Fredrik Bergh whose credentials speak for themselves so you know this is going to be pure Melodic Rock at its best.

Well what great Melodic Rock album wouldn’t be complete without the compulsory ballad and this album has three real gems to pull at the heart strings in ‘It’s Only Your Love’, ‘Lorea’ and my personal favourite, the power ballad ‘I’ll Never Be Alone Again’. 

Those crazy Swedes do it again with Edman and Bergh once again producing the goods with ‘Tables Turning’, before another highlight the excellent ‘Beating’.

Summer turns it up a notch with the sublime ‘Brand New Day’, again a rich vocal from Summer is matched once again with a great tune, a song that will feature strongly as a favourite of many a fan.

The album closes with ‘Rough Ride To Paradise’, a song written by Kee Marcello.  If I said some of the tracks on this album are Melodic Rock gold then this is a real diamond of track and one that rounds off a great album that will put the name of Joey Summer on the lips of many in the genre, fans and musicians alike.


  1. Rise Up

  2. Anymore

  3. Written on the Horizon

  4. Don’t Believe

  5. It’s Only Your Love

  6. Lorea

  7. I’ll Never Be Alone Again

  8. Tables Turning

  9. Beating

  10. Brand New Day

  11. Rough Ride To Paradise  



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