Artist:  Paul Sabu
   Title: Bangkok Rules
   Label: Z Records

After last years taster album ‘Call Of The Wild’, we now see the long awaited new studio album from Paul Sabu and what a come back album this is.  'Bangkok Rules' is straight shooting hard rock that explodes from the off with the title track ‘Bangkok Rules’.  A song led by those unmistakable powerful driven vocals of Sabu, who still has a lot to give the scene, as this album shows.

The album continues with the equally impressive but not as heavy ‘Rock Don’t Run’, which is very much in the vein of material of the classic ‘In Dreams’ opus, but with a little modern edginess, which is always a good thing.

The big riff driven rock continues with the excellent ‘Race To Nowhere’, very much the anthemic rocker that will have you dusting off your air-guitar and singing along with Sabu on the monster chorus, while throwing out your shapes on that air-guitar.

It's time to really get your groove on with the superb ‘Live Of Die Tryin’, as the big bass lines driving this one really get deep under your skin.  You can't help rocking along with this one, it's just infectious rock at its very best.

The funk comes in huge waves with the fantastic ‘Loves Got A Mind Of Her Own’, before it's back to the big licks and hard rocking with my favourite track off the album ‘Rocked And Loaded’.  This is Sabu at his very best, with just enough attitude to match the great melodies.

With ‘Read My Eyes’ you get a chance to get your breath back as this gentle ballad shows Sabu’s ability to bring it down a touch.  It also gives us a chance to remind ourselves just how much of a stunning vocal he has, it's quite moving and is exactly what you need to pull off a great ballad.

Bringing the tempo back up a touch is the heady bass ridden ‘Black Star’.  This song has a great epic edge, almost a little C&W in places but heavier, think Young Guns meets Black Label Society.

Things are really picked up big style with the all out rockin of ‘Code Blue’, a real metal monster with more of that great vocal attitude from Sabu.  Think Gene Simmons on ‘God of Thunder’ and you'll get what I mean.

The album close off as it started, with a riff filled slice of Hard Rock in 'Back The Jacks’, a song that wraps up a great album that marks a very welcome return for Sabu.  It's been a long time coming but it's been well worth the wait.  I for one can't wait to see the main man at this years Z Rock in May.  Sabu is back and he breaking all the rules ... the 'Bangkok Rules’.


1. Bangkok Rules
2. Rock Don't Run
3. Race To Nowhere
4. Live Or Die Tryin'
5. Love's Got A Mind Of Her Own
6. Rocked & Loaded
7. Read My Eyes
8. Black Star
9. Code Blue
10. Back The Jacks



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