Artist: Rev Co. 
   Title: Got Mixxx!
   Label: AFM Records

This is possibly one of the hardest bands to try and describe, and I can only do it through their music.  With heavy licks and grooves, Rev. Co pull a sound similar to Rob Zombie with their mix of electronic metal and rock with bizarre cuts from god knows what films/clips.

This album is full of remixes of their songs, so each of them sounds different from what originally was.  This is definitely similar to 'Hellbilly Deluxe' (Rob Zombie) with the concept, but it sounds completely different.  Itís not as heavy, but has its own groove that resounds throughout each and every song, and seems to use clips from porn films mixed into the music, which provides a bizarre and more than a little dirty sound.

Each of the songs has a different MIXXX name, ranging from 'Piss Piss Bye Bye MIXXX' to 'Sell Your Cars MIXXX' (and Iím not telling you which MIXXX is which, youíll have to find that one yourself!), each as diverse as the songs they are describing.  Instead of being mixed by other bands, they are mixed by Rev. Co, and this brings a unique sound to them.  Itís very addictive to listen to, but makes you feel a little bit dirty!

Review by: Kerry Henderson


1. Trojan Horse - Sell Your Cars MIXXX
2. Filthy Senoritas - Pay Me Now MIXXX
3. Dykes - Get A Real Job MIXXX
4. Juice - Feed Me Support Me MIXXX
5. Piss Army - Piss Piss Bye Bye MIXXX
6. Fuck Money - My Latest Envelope MIXXX
7. Bitch Addictive - Mistress Pinky MIXXX
8. Air Traffic Control - Where 8217s My Hand MIXXX
9. Poke A Hot Ass - Assholes Are Everywhere MIXXX
10. Me So Horny - Sin Rehab MIXXX  



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