Artist: Sabaton 
   Title: Attero Dominatus
   Label: Black Lodge

Sweden has always been a hot bed of Heavy Metal in many different shapes and forms and now with Sabaton, the Swedes have once again brought another metal force into the fray.

'Attero Dominatus' is the band's second release to see the light of day, the first being the self financed concept album 'Primo Victoria'.  That album took as its theme war and as a result of its success, has prompted the band to carry with that self same theme for this their latest release.

The album opens up in spectacular fashion with the title track ‘Attero Dominatus’, a blistering metal anthem with duelling twin guitars of Oskar Montelius and Rikard Sundén, against the true metal vocals of Joakim Brodén, which all go to make the ultimate metal sound of Sabaton complete.

The metal continues with ‘Nuclear Attack’ another snarling metal assault on the senses, this time telling the tale of America's attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.  Although this isn’t a political message, it's just a song that tells it like it was in a true rampant metal style.

The band once again delve into the history books with ‘Rise Of Evil’, a song about the rise of the Third Reich in Germany.  The sheer majesty of the band is at its peak with this one.  Once again it’s the twin guitar assault that is the back bone of the track with intermittent keyboard flurries from Daniel Mÿhr and once again the mighty tones of Brodén sounding almost Ramsteinesque. 

The all together too familiar subject of terrorism is touched upon with ‘In The Name Of God’, another heavy metal classic with a strong chorus and great rhythm section and powerful vocals.

The band then take things to the next level with ‘We Burn’, which finds the band really going on the rampage with this one and firing on all cylinders as this song races along a breakneck speed.

With the band choosing war as their theme, the wealth of subject matter is ashamedly nearly endless.  The band draw upon the fields of no mans land during World War I for the haunting ‘Angels Calling’.

Even the Falklands War is touched upon on ‘Back In Control’, another massive metal track full of slick guitars and a pounding metal back beat.

The track off the album for me has to be the massive ‘Light In The Black’, a great song full of huge riff laden guitar solos and great big chunks of hard hitting drums, with the glue keeping it all together a resolute keyboard section.

The album closes with a little tongue and cheek number that strays away from the War theme for a moment with ‘Metal Crue’ and is a salute to metal bands past and present, using the bands names to great effect with lines like ‘When a Priest kills a Maiden in the Metal Church’ and ‘You were born a Motorhead’, and of course my favourite ‘racing with the Motley Crue’.   A very clever song that will have you listing all the bands mentioned and listening again only to hear some you missed the first time. 

A great way to end off the album and a song that dilutes the whole theme of the album and helped put a smile back on this particular reviewers face.


1. Attero Dominatus
2. Nuclear Attack
3. Rise of Evil
4. In the Name of God
5. We Burn
6. Angels Calling
7. Back in Control
8. Light in the Black
9. Metal Crue


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