Artist: Sacred Mother Tongue  
   Title: Two Thousand Eight Hundred
   Label: Transcend Records

I don’t usually do single releases on this site, but on this one occasion, I feel I have to point the masses to a band that are about to unleash the titanic sound on an unsuspecting world later this year when their debut album is released.

As a taster of what is to come from Sacred Mother Tongue, the band have released a two track single CD which is sure to send shivers through the Metal Community with its thunderous rhythms, electrifying riffs, a totally awesome rhythm section and a vocalist who explodes through each song.

These two tracks are as mighty as each other, starting off with ‘Two Thousand Eight Hundred’, itself a soaring mix of rampaging riffs from Andy James on the six string (a rising star in the making) and the powerhouse rhythm section of Josh Gurner on bass and Lee Newell on drums, all neatly wrapped around the vocals of Darrin Smith.

The second track is equally impressive ‘The Suffering’, which is a gigantic mix of heady drums and a thumping bass, but it’s the guitar work of James that really sets this one alight.

These guys are definitely on the road to stardom if the album is as high octane as the single, I for one just can't wait.

  1. Bundy
  2. Pin You All
  3. Master Of Disguise
  4. Fire! Fire! Fire!
  5. Alarm
  6. Breed Again
  7. In The Barn
  8. Even When I'm Wrong I'm Right
  9. Tricky Threesome


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