Artist: Sadus 
   Title: Out For Blood
   Label: Mascot Records

Sadus are old school trash metal and have been away from the scene for seven years.  With this new release they want to put the anger back into the metal scene.

The speed and ferocity of the band are the first thing you get to grips with when you first listen to the album, but there is more to the band than trashing out guitar riffs.

The album opens up with ‘In The Name Of’, a track that is very reminiscent of early Venom with a touch of Slayer.  The huge breakneck bass lines on this track are second to none.  The band add a little electronic music to the second track in between the thunderous drumsI don’t know if these additional synthesized keyboards were necessary as they seem a little out of place to me, but as this is the only flaw with the album then I’ll let them off.

After their seven year absence Sadus have put together an album worthy of the Sadus name and I’m sure fans of the band will like it.  Fans will have the opportunity when the album is released to purchase the limited edition version that will include a second disc which contains an additional three tracks.  Two of them will be covers, ‘Merciless Death’ (Dark Angel) and ‘Invaders’ (Iron Maiden), together with a remastered version of the 1994 Sadus Red demo Black March.


1. In the name Of ...
2. No More
3. Smackdown
4. Out for Blood
5. Lost it All
6. Sick
7. Don't
8. Freedom
9. Freak
10. Cursed
11. Crazy


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