Artist: Saga 
   Title: Network
   Label: SPV Records

Ever since the formation of the band back in 1977 Saga have been at the forefront of the progressive rock scene and have become legitimate successors to the likes of Yes, Rush and ELP, all big names in the prog rock scene.

Their latest release ‘Network’ and is the bands fifteenth studio album and is probably the bands most comprehensible release to date.  ‘Network’ is fresh it is a very vibrant album that breathes new life into an often misunderstood musical genre.

The introduction of replacement drummer Christian Simpson who is filling in for long time drummer Steve Negus (who is taking a sabbatical) has introduced a more natural and unprompted sound than previously heard before.

The opening track 'In The Air' has an intro very reminiscent of Pink Floyds 'Division Bell' but as soon as Michael Sadler unleashes his familiar vocals then it is purely Saga from then on in. The introduction of Simpson has been a revelation and is felt on 'Keep It Reel', the interaction with Ian Crichton's guitar work and Jim Crichton's keyboards is superb.

The chemistry between all five members of the band continues throughout the entire album from the more thought provoking tracks like 'If I Were You' and the excellent 'Believe' to the more up tempo tracks like 'Don't Look Now'. The album closer 'Don’t Make A Sound' is a great way to end the album with the intricate arrangements and varying changes in tempo it really finishes of the album well. 

I highly recommend if you haven’t been interested in the prog rock side of the music scene then this album will definitely make you think again about it.


   1. On The Air
   2.  Keep It Reel
   3.  I'm Back
   4.  If I Were You
   5.  Outside Looking In
   6.  Don't Look Now
   7.  Live At Five
   8.  Back Where We Started
   9.  Believe
  10. Don't Make A Sound



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