Artist: Sahg  
   Title: 1
   Label: Regain Records

The Norwegian metal scene has had more than its fair share of controversy over the past 10-15 years, what with rival band members killing each other, church burnings and other behaviour normally associated with the US gang culture.

Now the new breed of Norway’s metal and rock bands are here to set a new precedence and the bands are concentrating on the one thing that is important to them all, the music.

One of these new breeds is Sahg who bring their own brand of doom ridden metal to the masses.  The band's members hail from some of the biggest bands on the Norwegian metal scene, the likes of Manngard, Audrey Horne and not forgetting “King ov Hell” from Gorgoroth.

This band are very Sabbath-esque with their overall sound, but give it a much cleaner edge to that 70's metal sound.

The album simple titled '1' opens up proper with ‘Repent’ and straight away the Black Sabbath similarities come to mind.  However, Sahg are much more than Sabbath clones, their unique twist on their doom metal makes for enthralling listening.  The band delivers power and towering melody to each song.

The intensity of the music continues with ‘The Executioner Undead’, which starts off with some excellent guitar riffs before the pounding drum beat.  Very Children of the Grave in its overall concept.

The song that makes Sahg their own band is the excellent doom metal track ‘The Alchemist’, another track with soaring guitars and distorted vocal narratives that has all the right elements for a classic.

The album also has its sombre moments like the mid tempo instrumental track ‘Whisper of Abaddon’, but this only last a matter of seconds before it's back to the black with ‘Godless Faith’, a track that's true in every way to the genre.

Things get a little more rhythmic with ‘Soul Exile’ and ‘Boundless Demise’, two more exuberant efforts by the band.

The album closes with ‘Black Passage’, a track that once again treads the dark path features more narrative style vocals and probably the best guitar riffs on the entire album.

As this is the bands debut album it shows a lot of maturity and some excellent production, things that are often lacking on a debut release.  Fans of Sabbath and Monster Magnet should definitely check out the competition. 


1. Intro: Parade Macabre
2. Repent
3. The Executioner Undead
4. The Alchemist
5. Rivers Running Dry 
6. Whisper of Abaddon
7. Godless Faith 
8. Soul Exile
9. Boundless Demise
10. Black Passage


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