Artist: Saidian
   Title: Evercircle
   Label: Blistering Records

Hailing from Germany Saidian are a Melodic Power Metal band that are a force to be reckoned with as 'Evercircle' the bands third album shows.

The band are led by the vocal talent that is Markus Engelfried, who has a great voice for the band who comes across as a mix between Andy Deris and Tobias Sammet and for me that’s a damn good combination for this genre.  The album mixes great Metal guitars with some massive keyboards, all interwoven with a thumping bass and drum section.

The album gets underway in spectacular fashion with ‘Out Of The Shadows’, a great opener which highlights the bands metal credentials but also their melodic side, as the scything guitars of Rodrigo Blattert and the battering ram drums and bass get this one started, then those tremendous vocals of Engelfried come powering through to add the icing to the cake.

The band do have a couple of surprises on the album, the first of which is the great cover of Tokyo’s “Tokyo”, which again shows their melodic metal side and Engelfried's ability to bring it down when needed.  A great asset for a vocalist in this genre, power isn’t everything but melody is.

One of the tracks of the album has to be the glorious ‘Solomon’s Dance’, again an all out power driven track which just rocks big style. Then it's another slice of pure class ‘Once In My Dreams’, a little more of a gentle ballad with the keys of Markus Bohr really making this a real gem of track.

Things are picked up once more with another of my personal favourites ‘Pale Moon Rider’, this one mixes some real classy keys with some fantastic riffs, with the vocals again being one of the high points.

The album continues to impress me as each track unfolds to reveal a great mix of power and melody with ‘Stroke of Genius’ being just that.  ‘Moonlight Calling’ is another great ballad, although it's the wondrous tones of ‘Sign In The Sky’ that really hit the mark.  This top notch Symphonic rocker is just mind blowing although this isn’t my favourite track of the album, no that is still to come.

The track before my favourite is ‘The Princess’, a soar away melodic metal master-class.  The track that for me marks the true Saidian sound is the final track ‘Halos For Everyone’, a track that has it all, towering keys, great guitar licks, a chorus that is instantly sing able and a powerhouse vocal, great stuff.  What a great way to end what is a rather special album and if you're into the likes of Avantasia, Edguy, Helloween or Gamma Ray, then this one is for you.  A new generation of German Power Metal is about to take the world by storm and it's name is Saidian.



1. Out Of The Shadows
2. Tokyo
3. Solomon's Dance
4. Once In My Dreams
5. Pale Moon Rider
6. Stroke Of Genius
7. Moonlight's Calling
8. Sign In The Sky
9. The Princess
10. Halo's For Everyone




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