Artist: Salute  
   Title: Toy Soldier
   Label: Escape Music

Escape Music may not be the biggest label around and they may not spew out album after album every month, but what they do put out is sure to be quality and again they’ve come up trumps with Salute, a band with Mikael Erlandsson – Lead Vocals, Keyboards at the helm along with Martin Kronlund – Guitars, Bass and Imre Daun – Drums and Percussion. With a quality line-up like this you know you're in for a classy album and 'Toy Soldier' is that album.

The album is pure Melodic Rock of the highest quality big licks and fantastic musicianship and Erlandsson’s vocals that were just made for the genre.

The album opens up with ‘Lost In A Dream’ and instantly the quality of the trio shines through, as Erlandsson shows why he is one of Swedens finest vocalist in the field today, and with Kronlund’s majestic guitar work, this is a great way to open the album.

The sheer quality of this album is felt though out with superb slices of Melodic Rock that will set the fan base alight with the likes of ‘Toy Soldier’, the rifftastic ‘I Am Your Prisoner’ and the up-beat rocker ‘Dynamite’ simply rocking big style.  The slower mellow moment’s aren’t bad either but its ‘Running Away With You’, that has to be my favourite song off the album.  This is where Erlandsson excels and Kronlund soaring guitar work is just superb.

There are times when Erlandsson sounds a little like Steve Lee which isn't a bad thing, and adds to the fact that this is going to be an album that will have everyone standing up and Saluting an album that is just what the genre is all about.  


01. Lost In A Dream
02. Cheated
03. Toy Soldier
04. I Am Your Prisoner
05. Dynamite
06. I Really Want You In My Life
07. It's My Time
08. Follow The Sun
09. Running Away With You
10. Steel Desire
11. Be A Star
12.Yesterday Always Been Gone 




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