Artist: Salute 
   Title: Heart Of The Machine
   Label: Escape Music

Last year the name of Salute was brought to the forefront of the Hard Rock scene with their excellent 'Toy Soldier’ album, now hot on its heels is the bands latest release ‘Heart Of The Machine’.

Again the band are on to a winner as like ‘Toy Soldier’, the world are going to sit up and take notice of the music that the band are producing.  This time round Martin Kronlund, Imre Daun and Mikael Erlandsson are joined by David Reece, who not only provides backing vocals, but also along with Kronlund and Erlandsson co-wrote the songs for the album.  We also see Henrik Thomsen guesting on the bass.

So on to the album itself which opens up wonderfully with ‘Higher’ with Erlandsson unleashing one of the best vocals of the year.  A real powerhouse singer that can deliver power without losing any of the melodic grace, and with Kronlund firing on all six on the guitars, it's a real barnstorming opener.

This tremendous album continues to impress with the excellent ‘A Falling Star’, again a top notch rocker that once again Erlandsson ignites with another superb vocal.  Then it's time to bring it down a few notches with the superb ‘Feed Your Hunger’, a one for the die hard Melodic Rock fans here me thinks, not too rocky but with enough bite to not be a ballad.

But if it's ballads you're after then ‘I Will Be There’ will pull at your heart strings for sure.  However, rockin' it up is more my thing and one of the best rockers on the album has to be ‘Tear Me Down’, a real meaty guitar fuelled track that really gets my blood pumping.

The great melodic Hard Rock just keeps on coming with the superb ‘Heart Of The Machine’, again featuring some superb riffing from Kronlund and a solid no nonsense back beat from Daun.

Daun’s drumming really comes to the forefront on the rockier moments and one of those real tub thumping giants has to be ‘The Long Haul’, then it's time for Kronlund to really show his six string prowess with one of my favourites off the album the fantastic ‘Shadows’, which is quickly followed by another favourite of mine ‘Train of Rock n' Roll’.  A real old school feel to this one.

It's back to the pure bred Melodic Rock with ‘My Part In This Pain’ before the album is rounded off in superb style with ‘Your Servant Tonight’, again another highlight from Erlandsson.

I thought Toy Soldiers was a great album but 'Heart Of The Machine’ takes the band to a whole new level definitely one of the best Melodic Rock albums I’ve heard this year.  If the band progress this much in just two albums then I for one can't wait for album number three!


1. Higher
2. A Falling Star
3. Feed Your Hunger
4. I Will Be There
5. Tearing Me Down
6. Heart Of The Machine
7. The Long Haul
8. Shadows
9. Train Of Rock N Roll
10. My Part In This Pain
11. Your Servant Tonight



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