Artist: Samantha 7 
   Title: Samantha 7 
   Label: Portrait / C2 Records

Poison guitarist CC Deville, backed by bassist Krys Barratto and drummer Francis Ruiz, have put together a pretty fine mix of sleaze, punk and power pop. With CC on vocals ( a damn fine job he does too), Samantha 7 blast out tracks like "Slave Laura", "Hollywood & Vine", "I wanna be Famous" and "Framed", that will have you jumping.

CC has more than proven his talent here as both songwriter and guitarist on this album. Krys and Francis aren't to be forgotten either, they bring the sounds to life as much as as CC does and are as important to this creative mixture as he is.

Combined they make a wonderful team. Jack Blades produces this very definite feel good album well worth checking out. Not one dodgy track on the whole album.


   1. Framed
   2. Hanging onto Jane
   3. I wanna be famous
   4. Slave Laura
   5. Cover girl
   6. Golden days and rain
   7. Good day
   8. Bury me
   9. Bonnie Bradley
  10. Seane' Girl
  11. Hollywood & Vine


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