Artist: Samsas Traum 
   Title: Heileges Herz
   Label: Trisol Music Group / Soulfood

After a three year break Samsas Traum are back to twist your soul with their unique spin on the whole Gothic Black Metal genre, with the mainman Alexander Kaschte again leading the band on their mission to totally twist and unhinge the youth of Europe with their unmistakable full on musical assault.

The album opens up with intro ‘5+6=218’ then it's ‘Das Zeitatle Der Baume’ and from here on in it's angst and power mixed with a traditional German vocal that erupts and takes control of your very being, with Kaschte his usual dark self. Joined by former Cradle of Filth drummer Adrian Erlandsson laying down the groundwork for the track and with the solos of guitarist Michael Puchala driving home the dark riffs, this is one HELL of an opener.  There's also the added bonus of a rare piece of interview with which Kaschte opening things up.

The album is as dark as it is powerful, with Erlandsson and Kaschte on the same page with the dark gothic vibe of ‘Auf den Spiralnebelm’, and the equally dark ‘Durch Springende Lippen’.

But track of the album for me has to be the thumping ‘Schalf In Den Flammen’, this it very much in the Rammstein mode of thinking, with its soaring keyboard backing and a pummelling drum and bass sound, mixed with some mighty guitar work, all interwoven with Kaschte’s menacing vocals.

This is probably the darkest and most haunting album I’ve had to review this year and not really fitting with the time of year, but as the nights grow longer and the days shorter, the darkside of life is more dominant and as the cold of winter engulfs us, the Goths will arise to claim the night.


1. 5+6=218
2. Das Zeitatler Der Baume
3. Auf den Spiralnebeln
4. Durch Springende Lippen 
5. Schlaf In Den Flammen
6. Liesbeslied
7. Der Tag Stummer Rache
8. Hirte Der Meere
9. Im Auge Des Sturms
10. Heiliges Herz
11. Das Schwart Deiner Sonne
12. Auf Den Spiralnebeln (Remix)


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