Artist: Sanchez  
   Title: Sanchez
   Label: MusicBuyMail Records

With one foot firmly planted in the 80’s glam hair band days, Jose Sanchez has put together a line-up of top notch musicians to relive those spandex filled days we all remember with such great fondness.

The band itself consists of Sanchez on vocals, Martin Tilander on drums, Kenneth Jonsson on lead guitar, Thomas Josefsson rhythm guitar and Jorgen Andersson on bass duties.

From the opener ‘I’m In Love’, the band make an opening statement that will rock you to your very bones and instantly takes your mind back to the hey day of The Sunset Strip set, with its chunky guitar sound and go time rock n' roll feel.

The band don’t rest on their laurels as they keep the good times coming with ’Hot Lips’, another slice of Hollywood sleaze with the guitars of Jonsson and Josefsson  giving the track a definite Helix vibe, and this is continued on well into ‘Looking For Some Love’.

The album isn’t all brash in your face rock though, it has some mellower moments such as the ballad ‘Don’t Treat Me Like A Fool’, which has a real Firehouse feel to it.  This just a short reprise as it's all guns blazing again with ’Bad Boys’, the hard rockin’ ’Little Bit Of Love’ and the excellent ’Lies’, which I thought was going to be a cover of ‘Look What The Cat Dragged In’ when I first heard the opening chords.

‘Funky Town’ is another good time rock n' roller that is straight out of the Shameless mould, with the a great solo from Jonsson mid way through and a chorus that is pretty much straight out of Pretty Boy Floyd’s repertoire.

The album continues with ‘Sometimes’, a little heavier track more Hard Rock than Glam with the guitars of Jonsson once again one of the high points of the song.  That same hard rock feel is continued with ‘The Runner’ before the album closes with the bonus track a Spanish version of ‘Don’t Treat Me Like A Fool’, a more mellower semi acoustic version of the song complete with Spanish guitar, which rounds off a great album that will bring back glorious memories of how rock used to be before grunge stole the fun out of rock n' roll.


   1. I'm In Love
   2. Hot Lips
   3. Looking For Some Love
   4. Don't Treat Me Like A Fool
   5. Bad Boys
   6. Little Bit Of Love
   7. Lies!
   8. Funky Town
   9. Sometimes
  10. The Runner!
  11. Don't Treat Me Like A Fool (Spanish Version)


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