Artist: Sandalinas 
   Title: Fly To The Sun
   Label: Metal Heaven

Let me just start off by saying that Iím reviewing this album suffering from the mother of all colds, sinuses totally blocked, head pounding, eyes streaming like a waterfall but iíd set aside the weekend to do a few reviews and I will get through them.  

Iím totally new to Spaniard Jordi Sandalinas but with a line-up featuring Patrick Johansson (drums), Mick Cervino (bass) both from Malmsteenís band and Rick Altzi (Vocals) from At Vance, I thought this just might float my boat to coin a phrase.  With guest muscians such as Derek Sherinian (keyboards), Chris Caffery (guitars) from Savatage and Andy LaRoque from King Diamond producing, to give this album an extra kick in the butt.  It must be said that Rick Altzi really gives this album a high quality coat of metal sheen with some amazing vocal performances.  Sandalinas himself is no slouch on the guitar and turns in an impressive performance throughout. 

The title track 'Fly To The Sun' kicks off the album with itís double kick onslaught and attacking guitar, Altzi has a quality about him that really shines through.

'Never Seen Before' follows and is a mid-tempo rocker, another great vocal, evoking Jeff Scott Soto in delivery, but an easily forgettable piece overall.

'Bad Dreams' is a grinding rocker with more of Altzi impressive vocals and powerhouse drumming from Johansson. Sandalinas shreds like a demon on the solo.

Then weíre onto 'Back From The Light', a short acoustic/keyboard piece which leads us into 'No Matter What' with a sub-Iron Maiden galloping pre-chorus and what could be termed as filler.

'As The Rain Falls' is up next, a more low key performance from Altzi and some more Iron Maiden style structure about the song.  'Double Cross' is another song that gallops along, more great fretwork from Sandalinas and Altzi and the double kick of Johansson.  Then itís time for 'Ring of Fire', another grinding rocker that just fails to ignite.

'Wrong Side Of Me' features Altzi best Jorn vocal performance, but the song itself once again fails to do anything.  This leads us onto 'Shadows In The Rain', with itís acoustic guitar opening and a more emotive vocal from Altzi.  A slow-burner of a song.

'Healer Talks' is possibly Altziís best vocal on the album, with a more bluesy tone and bass-led, with the guitar low in the mix until later in the song, a great track.  And then weíre onto the last song 'Seasons In The Sand', featuring an appearance from Derek Sherinian.  This is the ballad of the album and Altzi once again delivers an emotive vocal while Sandalinas delivers some impressive fretwork. 

This is not a killer album, but itís also not a bad album.  There are only 3-4 highlights on here, but this will not be the worst album youíll hear this year.  Sandalinas the man is a fine guitarist and produces a few highlights but it is vocalist Altzi who really makes this album listenable.

*Review by Brassy


1 Fly To The Sun
2 Never Seen Before
3 Bad Dreams
4 Back From The Light
5 No Matter
6 As The Rain Falls
7 Double Cross
8 Ring Of Fire
9 The Wrong Side Of Me
10 Shadows In The Rain
11 The Healer Talks
12 Seasons In The Sand


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