Artist:  Sandra Dee
   Title: Visions Of Pain
   Label: Eonian Records

The second of Junes re-releases from Eonian Records brings us Chicago’s Sandra Dee and their 'Vision Of Pain' opus, an album that has a punchy Hard Rock vibe that's soaked in big bass guitar lines wrapped around a heads up drum beat and frontman with powerful vocals.

The album opens up with two monster bass fuelled rockers in ‘Pretty Child’ and the thumping ‘Cassandra’.  The band take me back to a band called Spreadeagle, they have that same ballsy, all out, in your face vibe and a big guitar sound.

The band deliver all out rock with huge rhythms and fiery licks that mixes LA Guns sleazy groove with Soundgarden back beats in thunderous sound which is further confirmed big style on the likes of ‘Take You Higher’ and the stonking ‘Heading Home’.

The band do bring a touch of sleaze to the table from time to time with the likes of ‘Peace, Pot & Politics’ and the Skid Rowesque ‘Going Down’, before bringing in the big guns with the multi-faceted tracks like ‘Inside Yourself’ and the storming dark and moody title track ‘Visions Of Pain’

The band bring that pre-grunge heady bass vibe with ‘Cold’, before wrapping up the album with the massive ‘Nothing’.

Yet again Eonian have brought to light another band that should have been bigger but due to musical changes and the rock plague that was Grunge, this wasn’t to be, but as we all know, good music never goes out of style, it just lies dormant and is brought back to life with a vengeance to kick-ass once again with the likes of labels like Eonian.


1. Pretty Child
2. Cassandra
3. Take You Higher
4. Heading Home
5. Peace, Pot & Politics
6. Going Down
7. Inside Yourself
8. Visions Of Pain
9. Cold 10. Nothing



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