Artist: Sanguine 
   Title: Sanguine
   Label: Sanguine Records

This is the band’s self titled debut album, released from their own record company, Sanguine Records.  After attracting the attention of Joey Jordison and Adrian Smith, they’ve released this to finally show the world what they’re made of!

The album opens with heavy guitar work, backed by the bass and the drums, creating a crescendo of an opener.  The female vocals feel a little lost at the beginning, until they get a bit more punch in them.  Tarin (vocalist) has considerable rage and usually sings in the lower octaves, reaching higher and higher throughout the songs with no tress in her voice.  This girl can sing rough and raw and she’s good at it.

The guitar, bass and drums work together to create an irrepressible rhythm that just can’t be stopped, especially when Tarin literally screams over the top of it.  This lyrical altering occurs throughout the album, and it brings more emotion and power to their music.  It’s really hard to describe what they are, but to my ears they seem a much heavier version of Paramore.

'Anger Song' is possibly the most memorable on the album. It rips straight at the jugular, with the shouty lyrics packing a punch backed by heavy riffs and sublime drum work.  The instrumentals are firmly held in check by the vocals, which are kept strong and shouty throughout this emotion-packed and strongly played song.  This is my favourite song off of the album, primarily because it shows what they all can do and how strong they are as a band.

Review by: Kerry H


1. For Love
2. Anger Song
3. Contagious
4. Don't Change
5. Bangkok Nights
6. In The Sky
7. Given Up
8. A Place That You Call Home
10. Live Consume Die
11. Simplify
12. Territory
13. Contagious (Remix)



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