Artist: Sarasin A.D. 
   Title: Daggers, Lust And Disgust
   Label: MusicBuyMail Records

Simple know as Sarasin in North America and Sarasin A.D outside the great expanse that is the US of A, the band are led by the mighty vocals of Phil Naro.  With this release the band have unleashed an album that will see them in good stead for the remainder of the year. This album is pure Hard Rock heaven with Naro at the helm along with Greg Boileau and John Rodgers on guitars, Rob Grant on bass duties and completing the line-up Roger Banks on drums. 

This impressive Hard Rock release gets underway with ‘In America’ and sets the standard for the rest of the album.  This all out rocker just reeks class, as does the rest of the album, with the undoubted highlight being the superb vocals of Naro.

This very impressive album continues with ‘No Sensation’, another slice of classic hard rock with that modern edge that makes this band sound fresh and exciting, with Boileau and Rodgers guitars just exploding from the off and keeping the momentum going throughout the track, this is twin guitar at its finest.

The band turn up the heat with the heavier refrain of ‘Woken @ Noon’.  This song's a real monster with both guitarist really going for it and those superb vocal chords of Naro really pushing the boundaries of the genre.

‘The Last Word’ brings things down just a touch.  This is pure Melodic heaven and once again shows what a great vocalist Naro is, as he can both bring it down as well wail out a great tune.

This more mellow feel is continued with the superb ‘Keep Runnin’ and the stunning semi-acoustic ballad ‘Bring Forth A Sound’, then it's all guns blazing once more with the rocker ‘Kiss Of Death’.  A real guitar fest this one as Rodgers and Boileau once again power on through, with the pounding rhythm section of Grant and Banks keeping it all together.

A little seventies vibe is brought into ‘Black Night Crash’, another great slice of majestic Hard Rock from Naro and the boys.  Then it’s back to the more darker side with the excellent ‘How Will You Be Remembered’, a real sonic builder this one.

It's back to the up tempo stuff with the hard edged rocker ‘Makes Sense’ and the funk ridden ‘Jeanie’s Gone Crazy’, both just superb yet again.

‘Running Circles In My Brain’ returns to the more classic Melodic Hard Rock sound before the album closes with ‘The Parting’, another semi-acoustic outing that wraps up a great album that is a must by for those of you who like nothing better than good honest Rock n Roll!

Now this is the type of band I'd like to see playing at our UK Hard Rock/Melodic Rock festivals!


1 In America
2 No Sensation
3 Woken @ Noon
4 The Last Word
5 Keep Runnin'
6 Bring Forth A Sound
7 Kiss Of Death
8 Black Night Crash
9 How Will You Be Remembered
10 Makes Sense
11 Jeanie's Gone Crazy
12 Running Circles In My Brain
13 The Parting


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