Artist: Sassy Society  
   Title:  There's No Right Way To Die
   Label: K-Klang Studio  

Out of Hamburg they come, bringing good time kick ass rock n' roll back to the masses.  They are Sassy Society and they're unleashing their new EP 'There's No Right Way To Die' on an unsuspecting rock loving public.

The band of Mark LeBosh, Robin “Ivory Stardust’, Aaron ‘Jacky Cobra”, Peter “Spicy Spike’ and John “Mr. Six Toe Joe’ have a sound as outrageous as their names.  Mixing all the vim and vigour of today’s hard rock with the sassiness of the Sunset Strip.

That sassiness is felt from the off with the opener ‘There’s No Right Way To Die’, a gritty slice of sleaze driven rock.  That same attitude driven style is carried on into ‘Heat n' Hell’, again old school sleaze driven by a modern hard rock vibe.

There’s more than a touch of Guns n' Roses about ‘Yes I Do’.  The band definitely wear their influences on their sleeves with this one, then it's time to really rip the listener a new one with the raucous rocker ‘Drug Store’, a real dirty rock n' roll anthem.

But for me the track of the album is the bluesy ridden rocker ‘Infectious Love’, that is very much a track for the now, while still appealing to the old guard of die-hard old school rockers out there.

Things come to a close with ‘Raincheck on Heartache’, where the band show their gentle melodic side with this semi-ballad.  This song really closes off what is a great showcase for the band and shows they have the tunes to go further if given the right breaks.  What more can I say except they're young, they're fun and they're well worth checking out.

Review by: Barry McMinn 


1. There's No Right Way To Die
2. Heat N' Hell
3. Yes I Do
4. Drug Store
5.  Infectious Love
6. Raincheck On Heartache  



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