Artist: Satan's Host  
   Title: Celebration - For The Love Of Satan
   Label: Moribund Records

This four piece from Colorado started life as a power metal band in 1977 until the mid-80s, when they called it a day.  From the mid-90s onward, the band reformed as a four piece and are now pumping out albums again.  This, their tenth album, is a compilation of the best across their career, and the best of their new-found adoration as a speed/power metal band once more.

Many of the songs have been re-recorded for this compilation, and it allows the new members to play songs they have only ever heard before.  There are also two new tracks on the album, 'For The Love of Satan' (also the title track) and 'Convictions'.  These buttress the beginning and end of the album, and provide in a way a sort of incentive to listen to it throughout.

The mix of dark work with heavier metal only shows the amazing depth of skill and knowledge amongst the band.  The guitars take the power/speed riffs and slap them up behind the vocalist and backing vocals, creating a meshed album that feels and sounds new, especially with the re-recordings of many of the tracks on the album.  My favourite tracks are the two new ones, 'For The Love of Satan' and 'Convictions'.  These amazingly written and performed tracks highlight and showcase the skills of the new version of the band to perfection.

Review by: Kerry H


1. For The Love Of Satan
2. Hell Fire 4. Witches Return
5. Cauldron Of The Ancients
6. Nightside Of Eden
7. Ecliptic Equinox
8. H.E.L.L.
9. Satanic Grimoire
10. The Cursing
11. Dark Priest - 'Lord Ahriman'
12. Convictions



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