Artist: Satyrian 
   Title: The Dark Gift
   Label: Lion Music

After the phenomenal success of the bands debut release 'Eternitas', gothic metallers Satyrian have followed up the success of said album and revamped a number of tracks from the album, which puts a totally new spin on them and creates some techno dance remixes.

The same gothic sound of the original album is still there, but the added electro sound added by TmV from Shade Factory and by band members Roman Schoensee and Jan Yrlund, give the songs and Satyrian another dimension.

Of the twelve original tracks on the Eternitas album only eight have been given the electro makeover.  The first of these is ‘Invictus’, which is almost unrecognisable from the original version as the dark tones of Schoensee give way to the thumping bass lines and the almost heart beat pounding keyboards, that when the majestic tones of the twin vocals of Kemi Vita and Judith Stuber step in, give the track that familiar haunting edge that was so prominent on the original album version.

Things continue along a similar vein with the title track ‘The Dark Gift’, another thumping club mix that adds another level to an already great track and is the first of three versions of the song, including the original album version.

When I first heard the original album, I likened the album to a dark version of The Sisters of Mercy, but these new remixes take the band nearer the Rammstein sound, which isn’t a bad thing from the band analogy side of things.

One of my favourite remixed versions of the tracks has to be the second remixed version of the title track ‘The Dark Gift’, as this is a truly haunting version of the original.

Another favourite of mine is the enhanced version of ‘No Tears, No Embrace’, the haunting melodies mixed with the electronic drum and bass works wonderfully.

This is a must buy for anyone who picked up the original album and those of you who like a little techno metal as this album will enlighten even the darkest of minds.


1. Invictus (Fate ReMix)
2. The Dark Gift (Lygophilia ReMix)
3. Eternitas (Infinite Synthesis)
4. Fall From Grace (Fallen ReMix)
5. The Dark Gift (TimV Fused Radio ReMix)
6. No Tears, No Embrace (Satyr's Cave Club ReMix)
7. Ewigkeit (Ikuisuus Chill Out ReMix)
8. The Dark Gift 


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