Artist: Saxon 
   Title: Lionheart
   Label: SPV Records

A welcome return to the front for the long-standing pride of British heavy metal gods Saxon.  'Lionheart' is the first studio album from the band in almost three years.  And this is a more powerful and heavier album from the band and thus sees the band break new ground but still living up to the Saxon name, with Biff Byford showing no signs of quitting and still leads the band he founded and loves like a old dog that wont lay down and die he still has the vocals to go head to head with the best of what's new out there and still come out on top.

The opening track ‘Witchfinder General' starts off the album at breakneck speed and tells the story of the 17th Century witch hunter.  The second track 'Man and Machine' is more the typical Saxon sounding track that will be more familiar with fans it contain all the riffs and melodies of vintage Saxon. 

The same can be said for the title track 'Lionheart' which again sees the band looking at history for inspiration for the album and again is pure Saxon with soaring vocals and some excellent work on the drums by ex-Stratovarius drummer Joerg Michael.

While the majority of the album sticks to the Saxon formula of old, 'Beyond the Grave' is the exception with several tempo changes and different guitar effects used on the track but is seen by Byford ''as an updated version of '747 Strangers in the Night' different in a way and at the same time typical Saxon''.

‘Lionheart’ is sure to keep those diehard fans happy and sticks two fingers up to the critics who say that the band are past their sell by dates. The eagle flies once more.


   1. Witchfinder General
   2.  Man And Machine
   3.  The Return
   4.  Lionheart
   5.  Beyond The Grave
   6.  Justice
   7.  To Live By The Sword
   8.  Jack Tars
   9.  English Man O' War
  10. Searching For Atlantis
  11. Flying On The Edges


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