Artist: Scarecrown 
   Title: Til' The Last Breath
   Label: Copro Records

Another band hot out of Italy are Scarecrown formed as early as 2003 by Andrea “The Ogre” on guitar and Antonella on vocals, these two had a vision of bringing a new fresh sound to the masses ... “in which the distorted sonority of metal would be united with pure melody”.

'Til The Last Breath' is a five track mini album that highlights what the band are trying to achieve with their sound, mixing heavy tones with the heavenly vocals of Antonella.  The band set their stall out from the off with  ‘Pathox X’ and instantly the heavy tones of Andrea’s guitars are brought into the fold and these mixed with Antonella's vocals bring fresh new meaning to Melodic Metal.

They continue their virtuous path of reshaping the metal sound with the hard-hitting ‘The Valley of Unrest’, this is followed by the majestic tones of ‘Witch’s Heart Fable', which is very Lacuna Coil like.

But the band really come into their own with ‘Suddenly’, a song that starts off slowly with the haunting vocals of Antonella, but then the sombre start is shattered by the menacing male vocals.  A song that reminds me very much of the duel vocals tracks by Leaves Eyes.

The closer has to be my favourite track with its deep heavy bass and tuned down guitars and those spellbinding vocals.  This ends what is a surprisingly well-put together release and I for one will be looking forward to a full-length release from this very special band.


1. Pathos X
2. The Valley of Unrest
3. Witch's Heart Fable 
4. Suddenly
5. Playin' With a Swindler





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