Artist: SceneS
   Title: Call Us At The Number Provided
   Label: Escapi 

SceneS are the latest progressive metal band to catch my attention.  With all the growing interest in this particular genre in the UK over the last couple of years, it's hard for any band who have been labelled to this genre to bring something new to it.  But SceneS have managed to do just that.

'Call Us At The Number You Provide!' is a master class for anyone wanting to venture into the vast assortment of Prog Metal bands that are out there.  The mix of soaring keyboards and power chord guitar, combined with heavy drums is as intricate as you'll find on any of the more established bands in the genre out there.

'Call Us On The Number You Provided!' might be a bit of a mouthful as a title, but with a big title the band have brought forth a big sound to back it up.

The band wanted it's name SceneS to inspire the listener to paint pictures and scenes in their mind as they listen.  None of this absorb the album into their subconscious and make it their very own Tate Gallery of sound and vision.

The opening track 'So (Father)' is a prime example of this with its heavy bass guitar and the sublime guitar riffs, then the almost understated keyboards that make this an exceptional track and an excellent opener.

The whole album is full of fantastic tracks.  There are no fillers on this album at all.  Each track seems to flow into the next with ease.  It's hard to pick tracks that stand out from the rest as each track holds its own against the previous one.

There are one or two quite outstanding tracks.  One being 'My Own Life' which simply rocks from the off and continues throughout the track.  The second is the first track that we hear Nektarios Bamiatzis put his vocals to.  Anyone not entirely familiar with the name might remember when I say that Nektarios reached number 8 in the German equivalent of Pop Idol.  Although Nektarios has since left the band to concentrate on his solo career, he still remains very good friends with the band.

'I Will Stay' is another powerhouse of a track with once again the bass lines pounding out the tempo of the track with great conviction and authority.

If you like me you have grown to fully appreciate and enjoy the European Prog Metal scene then I would strongly suggest you check this band out.  I for one can't wait for the next instalment!


1. So (Father)
2. You Walk Away
3. My Own Life
4. Start Again
5. Deep Inside My Heart
6. I will Stay
7. Save The Light
8. Such A Shame
9. Nothing Left To say (Unforgiven)


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